Tuesday Mumbles: Hot weather

Written by TheChoujinVirus

Note: The following is written in my own opinion. So do not take any offense to my statement or opinions.

Happy Post Memorial day everyone. It’s ya boy Choujin here.

Today is what I declare the first day of Summer? Before you ask, some will be asking “Why are you declaring May 26th Summer? Summer isn’t until June. Well today, our temperature has reached 98f and is creeping supposedly up to 101. So it already feels like summer (and my orchard plants say that too.)

Why does your boy hate the heat? Well I’ve never been a person who enjoys very hot weather. I’m the kind who would either need to be near a body of water with a cold drink or hunkered down next to a fan. If I have to go out, I’d do it while keeping myself cool while keeping myself out of the heat.
Though that sounds nice, we get to one problem I hate about heatwaves….

The first thing that I hate is the power bill. When you need to keep cool, that means the air conditioning needs to be on and if it’s not, you’re going to be feeling hot and miserable in your own house. Now ya boy does something like turning on some fans, which minimizes the need for the A.C. to turn on. Power conservation during these hot days can be a balancing game of do you want to keep cool or save some cash from not having a huge bill. It’s not only just the electric bill, but water as well. If you have a lawn or some fruit trees, you need to ensure your plants are able to survive (Unless you want a dead lawn or trees). So that can be an expense as some plants aren’t really good in the heat (particularly the dry seasons of California, where ya boy lives).

So hot weathers and heatwaves for me, can be a pain in the pocketbook than just the heat itself.

The second and last thing I’m not fond about this is how the heat can be a pain when it comes to cooking. Now, i’m sure someone will ask me, “how the hell does hot weather affect cooking?”
It’s a pretty simple: trying to cook something like meatloaf or something heavy is going to make it miserable. Oh and trying to enjoy a beer in 100 degree weather is literally asking to make yourself miserable. When it gets that hot, I’ll either be microwaving leftovers or something simple.

In short, hot weather can be a pain in the butt and I’d rather stay inside to keep myself cool.

Tuesday Mumbles: Stupidity

Written by TheChoujinVirus

Note: The following is based on my opinion. Don’t take it too personal if it rubs you the wrong way.

Happy Tuesday, it’s ya boy, Choujin here!

Still alive and still doing well during the Covid-19 stuff going on. However, I’ve noticed that people are starting to get a bit impulsive and agitated over the whole situation. In fact, some are outright protesting this and wanting to reopen while we’re still having issues. Some have gone as far as to inject themselves with aquarium cleaner to purge the virus and killing themselves. To me, I want to quote Agent K from Men In Black. It’s bad enough to hurt ya boy’s brain, and if I wanted to have my brain hurt I’d be reading an Astrophysics book in German.

First off, we got ourselves the protests against the shelter-in-place order, something that some people are angry. Not ragging on every one of them, as some have grievances such as wanting to get back to work or opening up their businesses that were deemed non-essential during this whole thing. Those guys I empathize on their anger. However, you have some people who protest over this due to certain anger and issues due things like haircuts, teeth cleaning and just wanting to go to a bar. Now, why in the ever-living hell would people risk their lives just to get a beer or a haircut? Some are stupid enough to let themselves be swayed by some groups out there that can somehow sway them (as some organizations have somehow convinced people to protest this.)
Some may feel that it’s almost that some people goading this are more about money than others, if not..the Mayor of Las Vegas kinda gives that vibe that money talks than people’s well being. I mean, seriously…I may not be a businessman, but I know that you can’t get money from the dead…

And don’t think this goes back up to just the regular folk, some folks in our government have thought of some crazy ideas. Not too long ago, they suggested injecting cleaning solution and UV lights (then later invoked the “It’s just a prank, brah!” card.) What kind of president would suggest this kind of issue and eventually leading to some issues where people have poisoned themselves listening to this crap. Again, doctors and medical advisors are telling people about the risks of the virus and yet people will turn to those who have no medical knowledge for something about a virus.

I mean, this tier level of stupidity can hurt one’s brain and question how we as a race survived up to this and whether we can survive. Anyway, in short, this just frustrates me that people would go at this tier level of stupidity. Which in the end, to those protesting and risking their lives (as noble as their intentions are) during a pandemic, all ya boy has to say is this…

Tuesday Mumbles: Pest Control

Written by TheChoujinVirus

Note: the following is based on my opinions on this matter. So don’t take it personal if you feel offended by this.

Good Tuesday everyone, It’s ya boy Choujin here.

With Covid-19 still goin’ on and having an interesting Easter sunday with my grams, I’ve found something that annoys the hell out of me that i’ve noticed while cleaning: the ever annoying issue of pests in the house and how despite you deal with them they won’t go away. I mean, it’s annoying as heck when I have to deal with those guys. Especially when they they’re the kind to freak the hell out of you.

One such thing that i’ve been dealing with in my garage were those nasty las cucarachas Americana (American Cockroaches) and how those little bastards will scurry away quickly and raid stuff like my dog’s food or under his bed. It annoys me like hell to see that shit. So to combat this, I’ve got myself some Motel de las cucarachas (Roach Motels) and bam! Ya boy nailed those suckers…or so I thought. Eventually I found more of those suckers were checking in those traps, but weren’t checking out. To me that’s good! that means the little suckers were being nailed, but for some reason there’s more or scarce. Though it’s good that it works, I may have to check for stuff like boxes and such as they act like sanctuary and food for those suckers! It’s annoying and disgusting to see them scurry and hide, and they’re the large american ones so the adults can fly (and ya boy is a man until they start flying). Though I’ve had to deal with more inconvenience and dangerous critters than just cockroaches.

Today, ya boy noticed wasps were building nests under his roof outside. Now, these little bastards are ones I avoid. Then again, repetitive stinging by them teach you a lesson that makes you go “no! no! Bee bring pain!” Lucky for me, a little thing called Raid can nail those wasp nests effectively, it’s usually trying to find them which is tricky as sometimes they may build nests in areas that are small enough and only able to spot them the second they start to get numerous. Meaning one female wasp can stealthily build a nest until she has enough daughters to make the nest bigger. This is what your boy finds annoying as new nests can pop up (and can be worse if there’s more than one queen that makes nest and you got double the trouble). I mean, sheesh, why don’t those little bastards get the point when their cousins die to a can of raid that maybe this house isn’t a viable option? It’s not like having to deal with some more clever buggers out there.

The last one I’m talking about happen to be mice, little furry bastards that can be a pain in the butt. Luckily I never got them in my house, but I’ve seen them in my grandmother’s backyard due to one of our neighbors having chickens (aka rodent magnets). Luckily, none got into her house and most were just dead bodies (killed by poison or neighborhood cats) but I’m the one having to pick up their dead bodies so they don’t rot. What makes them annoying is these things are crafty and speedy, meaning they’re not as dumb as bugs and learn. Not only that, but they breed and even the babies will grow fast enough and start scurrying about. It’s annoying as there’s not many pretty ways to getting rid of them especially with poison as they’ll slowly die…

Pest control isn’t easy and isn’t a sit and you’re done kind of thing. It’s more like a constant battle as you need to keep an eye that they don’t return back to cause more damage. Not only that, but you don’t want roaches or mice in your house as they become hard to eliminate. I feel more like my house is Helm’s Deep and the pests are the Orcs invading my place. Again, luckily none of that crap happens and i’m doing simple things to keep the critters out like keeping your place clean, not leaving food outside to attract said critters and preemptively eliminating nests. Just because i’m in quarantine, doesn’t mean those little bastards will take over.

This ya boy Choujin saying to have a good Tuesday and do be safe out there

Tuesday Mumble Special: Sudden Changes and Isolation

Written by TheChoujinVirus
Note: This is based on my own opinion. So don’t take this too personal if it hits too hard at home.

Hello, it’s ya boy, Choujin here.

Today’s one hell of a change, isn’t it? Classes are cancelled, some stores are closed, events are ground to a halt and some people are now either massively distanced or even locked in because of COVID-19.
It’s a pain in the ass for your boy, and for some people out there like in San Francisco where they’re all locked in. What can someone do with sudden changes? What can one do? Well, let ya boy give you some tips and advice.

First off, when it comes to life changes, sometimes its stuff that’s beyond one’s control. COVID-19 and the shutdowns its causing is something one can’t stop. However, there is ways youc an plan around this and thus minimize the outcome. For example, your boy’s college classes have been cancelled and moved online so i’m doing that online as well as my blog stuff. It’s a bit more flexible and thus easier to do my studying and work. For entertainment, that can be no problem as you have things like Netflix, Youtube, Disney+ or other streaming services to keep you entertained (Lucky for your boy he has some stuff to keep him entertained.) that stuff isn’t much of a worry but i’m sure there’s more things that can cause problems.

The more severe things are tied to work and school. With some schools closed, parents have to take care of their children. Some have to make some adjustments as their kids stay home while they have to go to work. Speaking of work, some places have shut down to avoid spreading the virus such as either total shutdown or working with a small crew. Ya boy’s grandmother told him that a local McDonald’s had a long drive-thru line as they closed their kitchen (and some places have done changes too). Best to avoid going out often and stock up on essentials (and not hoard like that one jerk who hoarded sanitizes).

The last thing that people may feel with this is hopelessness, but people need to know that this isn’t the end of the world and that by a few months, we’ll be back to normal. We’re not going to enter a societal collapse, but best listen to your medical experts and state government to know what’s going on. Other than that, all the best one can do is try and adjust with what you got.

So when it comes to what’s going on, it’s best to just try your best and not let the negativity get to you.
With that, ya boy wishes you all stay safe.
and don’t worry, this Corona Virus wont’ affect me posting my blogs, so stay tuned as we’ll ride this out together.

Tuesday Mumbles: Coronavirus Fearmongering

written by TheChoujinVirus
Note: what you’re going to read is based on opinions, so don’t take it too personally if it hits too close to home. It may be frustrating, but it’s something that gets under my skin.

Heya, happy Tuesday. It’s your boy, Choujin. Talk about one hell of a week. A couple of days ago, I got a notification from my community college that their school district reported that four students have come down with the Corona virus. (Luckily it was related to their job and not due to travel or random exposure) and to top that off, you have the news discussing various reports of how the Corona virus and whether or not the various ideas and conspiracy theories that have become rampant because of this news. Now, your boy remembered when we heard of stuff about the SARS Virus or Avian Bird Flu. Some people either do two things in these situations: They either treat this like some herald of the end of the world, treat it like a hoax or think it’s some bio-weapon. Now, I’m sure a lot of you are already sick and tired of hearing more about the Corona Virus, but your boy does empathize with your annoyance. Let me explain this to help narrow this stuff down for some of you that are; there’s been a lot of chatter about the Corona Virus, a virus that emerged from Wuhan, China, and has several confirmed reports in the US with one confirmed death in Washington State. It’s annoying in this day of age of fake news, fear-mongering, and just outright propaganda.

  One problem is that you got several people that are claiming that this virus is some bio-engineered weapon the Chinese (or America) created for some nefarious purpose to do something like undermining the US President. Now, this is more just annoying and silly as people seem to think that the Corona virus is like the Dollar Flu from The Division. With today’s internet and people’s distrust of the media, it makes crap like this more believable when folks ignore and trust said sources. I mean, as the CDC and World Health Organization mentioned, The Corona virus was something that originated from Wuhan and was traced to a butcher. Not from some laboratory in Wuhan that it was “created”. We can also agree it’s not some divine plague designed by a higher being to purge sinners. Viruses like the Corona Virus wouldn’t really be an effective virus for some killing. I mean, the Common Cold is proven to have claimed more than the Corona virus has, though this is where we get to another part that’s just as bad as pushing the bio-weapon crap.

Some are claiming that the virus is a hoax and, like the original conspiracy, designed to sabotage the economic market and the US President. In short, they are talking about how the virus isn’t such a big deal, and folks should outright ignore it. Now, as I mentioned and what the CDC has mentioned, it’s true mortality rates are low, but it doesn’t mean the Corona virus isn’t much of a threat. The reported death (including the one in Washington state) was reported to have some prior health issues. Also, like the cold, young kids and adults are vulnerable to any new disease. So in a way, yes, it’s dangerous, but it’s not something that would lead to some doomsday scenario that’ll reduce us to some dark age. So what does this mean? Then let your boy explain this.

It annoys me how these two extremes have led to people not knowing the real nature of the Corona Virus and believe the sources without better understanding more about the virus. One such thing someone should do is maybe look at sources like the CDC (here) or the World Health Organization (here) to get a better grasp of what the Corona virus is. They have a bit more explanation on this than your boy here.  If you do have yourself coughing, hacking, and not feeling well? Make sure you stay at home and self-observe yourself for any changes. See a doctor if you do have some serious complications during your cold, such as trouble breathing. If you’re not sick, make sure you cover your coughs and sneezes. Wash your hands and keep yourself in good health. Oh, and make sure you don’t listen to any bull crap artists that either claims the virus is some doomsday virus, bio-weapon, or a hoax. To quote Pokemon’s Guzma about the conspiracy pushers:

Other than that, that’s my rant on this corona virus stuff. Remember, I’d suggest you look up at the CDC and WHO websites in order to get a better grasp as they know more about this than I do. Ya, boy’s only a blogger, not a doctor. Until then, be safe out there and be careful.

Tuesday Mumbles: Political In-fighting

Note: what you’re going to read is based on opinions, so don’t take it too personally if it hits too close to home. It may be frustrating, but it’s something that gets under my skin.

Heya, it’s ya boy Choujin here.
I’m sure all of you enjoyed Sunday’s Super Bowl match and maybe talking about it today, but there’s something that’s been biting me for a while that’s been frustrating me for a pretty good while. While everyone’s watching replays of the Chiefs’ victory over the 49ers, some folks have been watching stuff over the debates in Iowa and  arguing over who they should nominate as their Democratic candidate? For those unaware, you have the candidates like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg all trying to win the nomination during a time when the Democratic Party is a political war with the Republicans and Trump. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that some people would rather want one candidate to win, and if he doesn’t, they’re willing to “destroy everything” to get their candidate in.

I could name the obvious, but due to that group’s *ahem* attitude of being called out, I won’t name names or point fingers in this situation. However, I will state that now is not the time to be in-fighting this close to the election and not when we have to deal with another four more years. Especially with a man who can’t even name the city where the Chiefs are or that the Revolutionary War was fought over airports.

If you want something from ya boy, here’s some advice I’d give to the democratic party.
First off, stop this whole “all in, or I quit” crap. It was this backstabbing mentality that ended poorly for the Democrats in 2016. People need to know that every candidate has ideas to solve their way. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes it is just so vague that people don’t know if it’ll work or not because they don’t speak clearly on it.

The party’s nomination has to show that not only would his or her platform work but also toward voters themselves. You have to remember that voters are not a monolith and live by specific orders. A farmer from Arkansas has issues he wants his candidate to solve, just like the hipster from San Francisco. Some of it may be more important than others (but not disregarded). So if one candidate is chosen over another, our basis should be to stand behind that person. Vote out of what you believe in and not out of petty spite that makes the person upset.

Another issue I’ve seen is that people are trying to push this Progressive vs. — corporate Democrat argument that’s a lot of in-fighting and not enough fixing the issues. For me, I’d focus on getting our candidate out first before we take care of our house. It’s not saying cave to corporatism or some other form of complacency, but picking a fight just because of who’s donating who or what SuperPAC’s backing. This is the same in-fighting that will do nothing but make things worse and, in the end, repeat what happened four years ago.

By the time this is posted, a nominee may or may not have been considered the victor of Iowa. I’m sure plenty of people will be crying foul over this mess and be spouting various drivel that either be insulting or conspiracy theories.  I have to say this, folks need to stand behind someone because there are far worse issues ahead of us than over whoever said person did or what they might do.
Otherwise, unless this problem can be fixed, we’re just going never to get anywhere.

Tuesday Mumbles: Technology Breakdowns

Note: this is based on my experience and opinions, so don’t take it too personally.

Heya, it’s ya boi Choujin.

I love technology, it’s something that changes and makes things convenient and useful. One such example I had was a notebook (Lenovo) to replace a computer that was getting old. Only for that first computer to give out with a screen burnout and thus having to get another Lenovo brand. Guess what? That one gave out too when the whole power unit burned out. Now I’m on my third item (ASUS), and hopefully, this one will last a long time. Today’s agitation is not about technology, but how some of them can be so flimsy.

I remembered the first notebook I got was a Gateway (an old computer made by a company that’s no longer functional). That thing was known as an E-Machine. Basically, this thing was designed to be long-lasting (and it lasted me until 2015, though XP would be no longer viable currently). So I had to get an upgrade. Though it was a viable computer, I enjoyed it. Now today, it seems computers you buy get out of date so quickly. It kinda gets me annoying that I want a laptop that can last a very long time without breaking down or crashing on me due to some BIOS or Driver issue. Heck, my old prebuilt computer lasted much longer than today (and some of its components are in my new computer.) So it gets me thinking again about the good days when things used  to last longer when I was younger
Ya boi prefers technology that lasts a very long time. Not something that’ll last forever (as much as I would love to have that) but something that can be reliable and not last three years like today’s new technology. One such example that I had that somehow has lasted a very long time happened to be some old gaming consoles and games like my old Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. All I need to do is replace some batteries on some of the N64 cartridges and Game Boy Advance cartridges, and yet, they work. I think they last much longer than most CDs as all it will take is one scratch to render a CD unplayable (unless you invest in those disc buffers), but otherwise, some would have to buy a new disc. This isn’t even limited to games, as some DVDs can be damaged this way as well, and we all remember having to deal with a damaged DVD from time to time. But seriously, it can be a pain with newer technology that seems to feel frailer by the day.

I mean, it boggles the mind how older technology is much sturdier though obsolete compared to the newer but fragile generation that surpasses it. Analog TVs were pretty sturdy when I was a kid (though heavy as hell), but now you have plasma screen tv that cracks or buckle at one hand slap on the screen. You have phones now that need extra screen protectors to keep them from scratching or being broken. To me, ya boi feels that it’s so annoying that one day I’ll have to buy a new item in a short time just because of some defect or problem.

But I digress, it can be an annoying factor that can make or break people when something falters. Though some would ask one big question: What can we do about ensuring our products don’t break down or shatter like a plate of china. Ya boi doesn’t know what to do with the technology of today save for don’t overuse them and make sure you don’t push your tech too hard unless you know what you’re doing (or if you have friends who are tech-savvy). Otherwise, your best bet is maybe to use screen protectors and other stuff and reminisce about the days when technology used to be sturdy like some old person who reminisces the early days.

That would be my brief Tuesday Mumbles on tech breakdowns if you remembered days when tech (hardware or CDs) were sturdier than today, speak up in the comments.