Friday Fan-Work: Project Zanuka

Hello everyone, it’s ya boy Choujin.

Today’s friday and thus we got ourselves another fan-work created.
Yes, it’s another Warcraft fan-work, but something that got me pondering to set up for a probable story.
With Shadowlands on the horizon, I got musing on the idea of soul-powered machines from WoW called Vigilants. Thus I got writing on this little “File” called “Project Zanuka” (yes for those who play another game, I went with that name)

So with that, get yourself comfortable, get your favorite snack and be ready to read this latest work.

Chala Nightshadow’s Project Zanuka

With N’Zoth defeated, many would assume that the threat of the Black Empire is gone. The problem that comes up is the result of corruption. An Old God’s remains can cause somehow adverse side effects (as proven with the Sha). Several engineers pondered on the possibility of using mechanical creatures for dealing with Old God level threats to solve this problem. This is something I’ve been reading up and studying by providing a “second chance” to aid in the protection of Azeroth. Thus the proposal for a new project: Project Zanuka. The request is to put the “soul” of a being inside a machine as the Old God’s corruption has no effect on mechanical or artificial creatures.

Origin of Project Zanuka
The origin came from the notes of a Pandaren engineer named Zanuka Sparkeye. Who studied Mogu Spiritbinders and theorized the possibility of transferring one’s soul into a new body (animal or otherwise). Sadly, due to a few failed experiments, he was shunned by his brethren. Though looking at this research, it’s not that off. Besides Mogu Spiritbinders, other Azeroth and Draenor groups have used means to bind souls to an object. It’s a known fact that Warlocks have done this before through soulstones, allowing them to cheat death. The Cult of the Damned and the Scourge’s Liches will use a phylactery to ensure their body remains. The Drust of Kul Tiras was also known for soul binding animals and humans into their wicker creations. Even the Alliance’s very own Draenei have used the departed souls to power their own Vigilants. From observations of these examples, the idea of a machine can be powered by the soul of a machine.

The objective of Project Zanuka is to create machines powered by a soul that serves as a weapon against Old God/Void level threats that plague all of Azeroth. Though the void’s effects prove damaging to living creatures (or reanimated), it has no effect on mechanical beasts. However, though mechanical units are viable, anything organic material (pilot or other) will be affected by the void. A.I., though useful as it is, isn’t at the capacity to work well. The Soul powers the machine, having it operate the machine fully without corruption’s harmful effects. The best thing is the body can be modified to fit the situation needed.

Problem that arises
The primary issue when it comes to this is the ethical aspect of this project. How would one acquire a soul without breaking taboos such as either killing the intended target, shackling the soul with soul binders, or desecrating hallowed grounds to obtain a soul? The next problem that shows up is how to ensure the soul doesn’t end up causing problems like berserking or rebelling if it becomes aware. The Drust enchantment creates an unethical basis for stripping the soul down to its individuality for the body to not reject. That too can become something of a pain in the ass should the soul realize it’s in a mechanical body as it can rebel and go berserk. Further research into this will require studying the Draenei Vigilants to better understand how they work.

A solution to the Ethical outcome
Harvesting a soul may be considered unethical due to bad examples throughout history; the best option for dealing with this situation is to harvest souls of those already departed. There are lost souls and scourge wraiths that could be harvested and used as the core battery. Careful consideration must be made to avoid harvesting or violating any armistice treaties with the Horde should this route go through it.

If this theory works, it should allow a  revolutionary way of dealing a fatal blow to the Void Gods. Should any old god resurface on Azeroth or anywhere else, that threat will be managed. Though I fear that the machine could be deadly in the wrong hands, I am confident that this won’t lead to war as the only one with that knowledge is with me.

Media Review Thursday: Top 10 Monster Hunter Monsters

Written by TheChoujinVirus

Hello, it’s ya boy Choujin here.
With Monster Hunter Rise‘s announcement for the Nintendo Switch, a lot of people are anticipating this new version since Monster Hunter World. Throughout my gameplay of the series, starting in 2009 with Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii. It began my love of this franchise. Each monster in the series serves a unique fight, but some do memorable boss fights or even challenges. In this article, I’ll make a list of the top 10 monster hunter monsters.

To summarize the rules, all monsters will be counted in the series, however:1. I’ll only consider monsters canon to the series (So collab monsters like the Behemoth and Leshen won’t matter, sadly)
2. Deviant and Monster subspecies will be mentioned in the series under one monster (they are usually the same save for just new types or moves.)
3. These are monsters based on my experience, so if you see a beast, not on the list, don’t take it personally.

With that, let’s dive into the monsters.

10. Seltas Queen/Seltas

Starting off with number 10 on our list is the tag team duo, The Seltas, and the Seltas Queen. It’s rare in Monster Hunter to show monsters working together in fighting the hunter. Still, in Monster Hunter 4/4 Ultimate, you deal with the insectoid Seltas Queen and her male counterpart. What makes the monster imposing is that they actually work together when they do team-up. The male serves as her needed wings and extra attacker. In contrast, she serves as the sizeable mobile platform with tail pincers and can shoot a high water blast. If you think killing her mate will stop her? Nope, she’ll call another one (in some cases, she’ll use her mate like a kamikaze projectile or even kills her mate to eat him for food.)Her desert counterpart is not only imposing but will dig up a new Desert Seltas from the ground to reuse quickly. Sadly she’s bottom on the list due to the factor that you’d see this dynamic duo work in Monster Hunter World with the Lunastra and Teostra.

9. Quropeco

Calling into number nine is the monster mimic, the Quropeco. When hunters first meet this goofy looking bird wyvern, they think it’s just a monster that’ll smash you with fire knuckles or spit mucus. What makes the Quropeco worthy of this list is its unique ability to mimic monster calls to call for backup. Meaning you could find yourself fighting another monster that might come out to stop you in its tracks. In more serious difficulties, it and the Crimson Quropeco will call in more dangerous monsters like the dreaded Deviljho. Don’t you just hate it when someone QQ’s for help when they can’t handle the heat? However, This is more annoying than dangerous. But we need to continue with our hunt.

8. Dodogama

Waddling into the number eight spot is Monster Hunter’s resident fat boi, the Dodogama. The adorable blue butterball of Monster Hunter World’s volcano region. This sweet fat boy is cute with those tiny eyes. However, don’t let his looks fool you as he can be a tough and fastball of thick. He’s also bold enough to pick fights with other monsters (even if it means he gets beaten up.) This guy’s the adorable kind, and you don’t want to hurt, but just head pat the sucker to death.

7.Rathian and Rathalos

Flying in at number seven is none other than the original wyvern duo: Rathian and Rathalos. Ever since the first games, these two have always been in every monster hunter game. For those unaware, the Rathian and Rathalos are part of the same family, as the Rathian is female, and the Rathalos are male. Every Monster Hunter game has these critters and their colored subspecies. It’s Monster Hunter Generations that introduces us to the Deviants: The Dreadqueen Rathian and Dreadking Rathalos. No matter the form, these duos are the staple of all monsters in the series.

6. Lagiacrus


My first introduction to the flagship monsters of the series was the Lagiacrus. This first aquatic monster ushered into the series. It’s a gigantic monster that generates electricity, and you fight on both land and under the water as well. Plus, it’s the first monster in the series to have the story focus on itself. Thus, it can be a valid reason why future flagship monsters have a backstory to their game’s main story. In 3 Ultimate, the Lagiacrus got two subspecies flavors: The landlocked Ivory Lagiacrus that is extremely dangerous on land and the colossal Abyssal Lagiacrus. So massive that you have to fight it in a large underwater arena just to beat it. Lagia proves to be an interesting flagship staple into the series.

5. The Fated Four

What’s better than one flagship monster? Two? Three? How about four flagship monsters. The “Fated Four” is Monster Hunter Generation’s flagship monsters. You have the thunder dragon bug Astalos, the frosty and gigantic Gammoth, the elegant and bubbly Mizutsune, and the swordtail Glavenus. Each monster is unique and represents each generation of the monster hunter series, starting from Generation 1 up to Generation 4. Their presence shows that it’s never wrong to have four flag monsters in one game. The critters do get subspecies updates for Generations Ultimate to make things interesting, so the fated four now have unique variants.

4. Gore Magala/Shagaru Magala


With Covid-19 plaguing us, we have the Monster Hunter equivalent of a plague spreader. The dreaded Gore Magala is a monster with the unique “Frenzy” status that can affect hunters and turns monsters into ravenous killing machines. The creature can spread it by dropping clouds of it, spitting it, and becoming nightmarish with those antennae-like horns. What’s impressive is that the Gore Magala is a baby monster, and it molts into a more devastating monster called the Shagaru Magala, the real source of the frenzy virus as well. A mutated version is known as the Chaos Gore Magala, a Gore Magala disrupted in molting into a Shagaru. This nightmarish monster is one I really enjoy in the series.

3. Kulve Taroth

What do you get when you dress up an elder dragon in gold armor? That would be the Kulve Taroth, a monster draped in gold and one of the first post-game monsters in Monster Hunter World. Unlike most monster fights, the battle with Kulve Taroth is a four-phased fight that may take several runs to beat her (that’s right, Kulve is a girl dragon.) However, you’re not here to slay the dragon (and NO! not remotely what I meant!) You’re objective is to bust off her horns after shredding her golden armor off. However, as stated, you have to take several chances to “gather intel” to make her armor easier to bust. Though fear not, when Kulve Taroth happens, everybody will be doing it to help out (and the rewards are worth it.) It’s a pretty good community event mission, and that’s for sure.

2. Nergigante

Poking into number two is Monster Hunter World‘s flagship monster, the Nergigante. Nergigante is a unique monster with a backstory and origin. In the New World, this creature is essentially an Elder Dragon that hunts other Elder Dragons. Its spiky body, sharp wings, and ferocious attitude make it a threat to many elder dragons it runs into. The spikes are also continually growing, meaning busting them will just weaken him. When they become black, they’re really bouncy, and it’ll allow the Nergigante to smash into the ground and fling them as projectiles. The expansion Iceborne gave the Nergigante a new subspecies called the Ruiner Nergigante that gets stronger the more it takes damage to make things more interesting. In short, the latest flagship monster from World proves to be a monster that folks will be talking about.

1. Jhen Mohran

In my first taste of monster hunter, it was a tough choice to go with as I was split between some monsters to get the top list of any monsters. The one monster I found, so fun was Jhen Mohran, the sand whale monster of Monster Hunter Tri/3 Ultimate. What made this fun was the fundamental basis of the fight. You’re fighting aboard a “Dragonship,” which is armed with cannons, harpoons, and an impaling spike and a gong. Fighting it from the side with all the arsenals as you move onto the second phase, where you and your cohorts now fight him on solid ground as he slowly crawls over toward your ship. The fight not only has the usual trappings to avoid (not dying three times or running out of time) but also protecting your dragonship from destruction. So you’re not just fighting aboard the ship while it’s sailing but while it’s docked. Throughout the fight, you can climb on the monster and destroy some parts of its body on its back. Just the sheer size gives it a Shadows of the Colossus vibe when you’re slamming your weapon into it.

And with that, that completes my Top 10 monster hunter monsters list. What are your favorite monsters, and tell me what you liked about them?


  • Monster Hunter belongs to Capcom
  • Though the videos belong to Capcom, all youtube clip credits go to their rightful uploaders

Friday Fan-Work: Jev’Rotta Reavers

Happy Friday everyone, it’s ya boy Choujin here.

Today’s work created is none other than something tied to the Federation Letter series. The written work of fiction here is a a file describing the Jev’Rotta’s dreaded form of infantry: the Reavers.

For those curious, the Jev’Rotta are described as humanoid insects that existed far before races existed In short, they would be considered forerunners by sci-fi standards. The Reavers are the Jev’Rotta’s army of revived zombies through nanomachines that serve as their first waves against planets and threats. For now..let’s get this story started, so get yourself a drink or something to eat..and enjoy this document file

Tuesday Mumbles: Wildfires and Politics

Note: the following is based on my own opinions and not made to offend or agitate anybody. Do not take these personal

Hey everyone, it’s ya boy Chouin here.

It’s not really a good day for California, and I’m not talking about the heat. It’s been hell here due to wildfires. Not only the damage and loss of property and lives, but also the toxic air that makes it pretty hard to breathe. It’s not a good day for Californians, or those in Oregon. However there’s worse things that are going on: those playing politics with this catastrophe..

California is no stranger to wildfires and the causes. Usually typically due to the more common like a cigarette or an unattended fire work. However we got stranger causes, like a hawk hitting a powerline all the way to the more political. The current wildfire started in El Dorado Ranch Park was started by people starting a gender reveal party (and no, it’s not anything transgender related as some right-wing talking heads are claiming). The parents wanted to announce to the world of their baby’s sex through a firework show. Guess what? That was THE most dumbest thing known to the history of man. Who would use fireworks, in an area that’s prone to wildfires?! Because of that stunt, the air quality is shit, people have lost their lives and homes? And for what?! To declare to the world that your baby’s a boy or a girl?!

I sure hope you weren’t planning on sending your child to college, because you’re got a lot of legal fees to pay after this. Not really worth the pain if you tried that crap out when it’s prime weather.

What got me pissed off is that due to some of that evidence (and jumping sparks), there’s a handful of people out there that ignore the actual research and believe stupid garbage. One such theory claims that the wildfires are being started by “Direct Energy weapons”. Which is saying that lasers are being fired and are the causes of this fire. Another theory is that the wildfires are started by political terrorists (some claiming ANTIFA or Proud Boys) when it’s in short it wasn’t revealed by anyone (despite that law enforcement have stated it’s not confirmed about the political motivations of anyone arrested or if any of them were related to this.)
Seriously? People are suffering in a wildfire and we’re going into witch hunts over the cause of this? I mean, as much as I hate assholes who start fires nor am I fond of the political weather at the moment. However, when we have confirmations of stuff that’s started by things like downed lines, fireworks or anything, I’d take the word from fire departments than over some random person on
Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube. I mean, unless our first responders are part of this conspiracy of setting fire alongside with the “enemy” (what is their end goal in this?).

We are still in a pandemic, with wildfires destroying our air and property and we’re still chasing boogeymen and invisible weapons?! We should be focusing on things like helping people get their lives back on track, put aside any political differences and not escalate it like building “Checkpoints” designed to harass journalists.

But hey…I guess when we’re in a panicked stupor, we chase anything that sounds good

TCV’s Top 5 Major tips for Distance Learning and Working

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s ya boy Choujin here.

By now, everyone are getting ready or are already in distance learning classes for primary, high or even college. (Ya boy has and he’s adjusting to this.) But some folks, this may be a shocker having to stay at home to do work or their classes. You may have gotten used to hanging around and doing nothing until now. So what do you do? How are you going to adjust to distance learning? What will one do? So many questions and so many stuff to do and prepare for your Distance Learning or Working. Don’t worry, ya boy’s here got some tips too he’s learned just from his first time (Not an expert, but some tips on how to make your work at home or study at home easy.)

#5. Plan your schedule

For those distance learning, it means you’re inside either doing nothing or sitting at home and such. By now, most of us have been binge watching Netflix, playing video games or doing your hobby like myself. Now that you’re back to school you need to remember that though you’re not in school doesn’t mean you cannot slack off. Remember to plan your priority around your schoolwork and classes. Make sure you plan and prioritize what you need, or you might find yourself rushing around everything. Your class or job comes first, but your home needs like cleaning, shopping or other essentials. Just remember that though you’re at home, doesn’t mean that one slacks off. So do be careful.

#4. Zoom Etiquette

Distance learning, though mandatory, has required people to have classes via zoom. This means that one will be having zoom meetings on some occasions whether they be mandatory or optional. You may be used to walking around in your underwear or boxers and t-shirt all the time since nobody needed to leave. Maybe you haven’t washed your hair or used makeup. So you might not look like someone who would show themselves in public (let alone in front of a camera). One tip my teacher told me is this: treat your Zoom meetings as though you were in the classroom or office. If you look like you’re more ready for bed or vegging out, you don’t look like you’re ready for work. Make sure you keep your hygiene up, brush your hair and wear something decent. You don’t have to overdress (unless it’s required, thus making sure). Also, make sure that if you do are recorded, make sure you’re in a comfortable and noiseless area free of distractions. Nobody wants to hear your cat calling your attention or other random noises. Lastly, make sure you mute your microphone (when needed) as some classes online will be like classes in college. So no chatter or other noises too (Including phones).

#3. Ensuring optimal equipment for distance learning or work.

So you’re ready for distance learning or working, which is great. However, some things may not be in your favor. Maybe you don’t have a camera or microphone for distance work or learning. Maybe you don’t have a decent network since like ever. This is where having optimal equipment is vital in this time more than ever. If your network is not up to snuff, maybe its time to update your network. If you’re using a lot of data due to working online, contact your service provider for any business plans. They may be pricey but they can ensure that you don’t get slowed down if you exceed your network usage. For the other two items like microphone cameras, you got a ton of options. Cameras can be anything you can find online that can connect to a USB port. If you’re like me and don’t have a camera, there are appilcations such as EpocCam or iVcam that can turn your phone into a camera. This can be useful if you want a quick camera without a massive money sink. Additional items such as heaphones (with a microphone option) are viable and helpful in the long end if you want no noise from your computer or outside sources. Lastly, do heavily invest in backup items like a cloud storage, USB thumbsticks and maybe a backup work computer. Should you have some hardware failure or damage, you don’t want to lose your important work documents or schoolwork. This is more common knowledge outside of this pandemic, but something vital regardless outside of this.

#2. Don’t get burned out.

Working or studying, as great as it is, you’re not an invincible superman who can do everything all at once. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so remember to take some days off and relax after work. Give yourself a one or two hour break, then get yourself back to work when the chance comes to. If it’s late, don’t push it and get some rest. It is better to do your work while fresh the next day than burning out. Also, bringing us back to number five on our list, planning your schedule is vital for this and can minimize rushing and said burnout…..

#1. Don’t panic

I know this sounds silly and annoying, but remember not to panic and keep a cool head. This may be a bit tough to adjust but you’ll make it. It may be a pain, but it’s something you might find enjoyable to study at home with some freedom or adjusting to working at home. If you’re a college student, keep in touch with your professor so you can get some help if you need. Work? Same thing, get in touch with your boss if you have to.
Being locked up doesn’t mean you have to struggle adjusting to the new norms.

Friday Fan-Work: The Mystery of Optimo

Happy Friday everyone, it’s ya boy Choujin here.

Today’s story is another return to World of Warcraft as a mini xenologue during an event being part of a roleplaying event. To fill you in, it was the last part of a campaign called “The Raven’s War” in which players worked together in helping securing an artifact. In the RP, I had a robotic critter named Optimo help out with securing the artifact. Sadly, the result led to Optimo pulling a FLUDD…

But for this story, it gives a brief discussion about saving a friend and discovering a secret of Optimo.

With that, sit back, relax and enjoy this story.

The Mystery of Optimo (Alternate title: Saving a Friend)

Written by TheChoujinVirus

The night the artifact was secured….

Chala Nightshadow returned back to her workshop home in Boralus. Not stopping or anything as she placed her badly damaged companion onto a table. Not caring about space but more worried about the extensive damage he went through. Jeeves and Reaves, who heard the commotion checked on the whole ordeal. The small Legion machine had a hint of surprise on his face (as best as a machine could) as he noticed Optimo’s damaged body.

“By Sargeras’ Breath, what happened to him?!” Reaves asked
Chala paid no attention as she replied, “Welding Torch.”

“What?” Reaves asked

“I said welding torch! NOW!” the night elf yelled
 Jeeves hands Chala a Welding Torch. He watches Chala open a part of Optimo’s damaged chassis and noticed some significant damage. Most of it was fried wires and components.

“Query: is Optimo alright?” Jeeves asked

“The power core is intact..but the wiring’s fried. I’m worried about his personality core,” Chala said. She then extends her hand, asking her machines, “Saw.”

“Saw?” Reaves looked quizzically
“your arm!” Chala said, grabbing his arm and making him convert it into a saw. Jeeves stood by and watched as Chala began to open the back part of Optimo’s robotic head. Once the casing was removed, she saw what she was hoping to find: Optimo’s personality core. The good news was that the core is intact and undamaged. The bad news is the power in Optimo’s body triggered the auxiliary system for his memory, which usually has a maximum of half an hour of emergency power. What made it worse is that whoever created Optimo’s personality core needed a lot of energy to function, which meant putting in her Portable Pocket Computer wouldn’t work like with Reaves.
“damnit…seems a bit too complex to pull the primary. We need a plan B and fast.” She looked at Jeeves before asking him,  “Can you open your chest plate, Jeeves? I need access to your power core.”

“Query: Are you planning on using me for Optimo’s new body?” He asked
“No, Jeeves, I think I got an alternative that can work,” Chala said

“and what is that?” Reaves asked

Chala looked at Reaves, “The Kiryu Version 3,” The Night elf returns to Optimo, then turning back to Jeeves. “Chestplate!”

“Apology: Sorry, Mistress Nightshadow,” Jeeves said as he opened his chest. Exposing his power supply and a pair of jumper cables underneath. Chala quietly thanked the mechagnome as she took the two cables. Gently hooking the wires into Optimo’s Personality Core, so that Jeeves would serve as the backup power supply. The process took a few hours into the night as Chala, Reaves, and Jeeves did everything to their power as they worked quickly. Hours pass as the trio finish with hooking up Optimo’s brain into the Steamscale Incinerator, which will serve as Optimo’s new body. Chala then pulled out her Dalaran Hearthstone as she told the two, “I need to head back to Dalaran to check up on the artifact. Keep an eye on Optimo and see if he reacts.”

“Acknowledged Command: Sure thing, Madame Nightshadow,” Jeeves said with a nod.
“I’ll do the same as well,” Reaves replied.
Chala gave the two a nod as she used her Hearthstone to return back to Dalaran. When Chala left, Jeeves turned toward Reaves as he looked at the Fel Machine.

“Confused Query: Did you just want to help keep an eye on Optimo?” Jeeves asked

“What? I actually like Optimo.” Reaves said to Jeeves, “He’s a bit of an odd thing. A robot that thinks he’s alive? What kind of machine wants to be that?”

“Statement: Optimo’s personality matrix is strange, even stranger than ours.” The Mechagnome looks at the robot dragon. Though power was going into its brain, the machine didn’t move or anything.
“Regretful Probability: Though there may be a chance that the damage Optimo went through may have done some severe damage to his Personality Core.”

The Fel Machine looked at Jeeves, “That’s a load of Fel sludge! Optimo can’t cease function. I’ve seen him take damage..and I was able to survive.”
“Statement: True, you survived your core overloading and exploding, your system wasn’t too hard to fix. Optimo is not some machine made by the Gnomes. Something feels strange about him..”
The two watched while conversing on the question: Who made Optimo and why did he behave like that.

This continued until Chala returned and began to keep watch on Optimo. By morning, she leaned back first into a barrel, watching the unmoving machine after everything was operational. She dozed a bit, closing her eyes to sleep for a few moments. Unaware that the unmoving machine began to twitch its tail. Reaves and Jeeves were ready to prepare for today’s work, looking that the non-moving dragon. The two machines looked at each other until Reaves saw the tail move.
“Hey, it moved!” Reaves shouted.

“Shocking Query: It moved? Does that mean..?”

The machine turned its head before staring at the two machines, speaking in the same tone as their friend.


The two panicked, running around like scared chickens that would attract the attention of some of the dockworkers from below as they would stop to look up at what was going on. Though the noise was enough to get Chala up and stammering back awake. She toppled over, yelping out loud, “No, I got those parts legally!” she turned at the two panicked robots.

“What in Elune got into you two?!” As she wondered what the ruckus was, Chala said, “I keep telling you the rats won’t bother you if you don’t corner them.”

“Rebuttal: Mistress Chala, it wasn’t a rat. Optimo made some sound”, Jeeves said.

“Wait? He responded?!” Chala looked surprised as she got to her feet and ran toward the mechanical dragon. Reaves watched and muttered to himself, “It’s not my fault those rodents are annoying and want to chew on me…”

She checked on the unmoving object as she then taps it gently, “Optimo? Are you alright?”

The night elf paused for a few moments as she heard the familiar voice of Optimo.
“I am okay, Chala.” He said as he tilted his head, “What happened to my body? I feel…huge..”

Chala gently gives Optimo a pat, “I had to move your brain into this machine to preserve your Personality Core.”

The now sentient mechanical dragon began to, only to fumble and wobble a bit like a newborn kitten trying to walk for the first time.
“whoa, careful Optimo,” Chala said

“This body feels too big..” Optimo said as he inspected his body, “Too many moving parts…”
“I’m sorry, Optimo,” Chala apologized to her mechanical friend, “I had to save your personality core, or else you would have ceased to be. But the good news is that now I can work on your body.”

Optimo staggered, limbs and legs splayed like a deer on ice, “that’s how long will it take for my body to be fully repaired?”

“Depends on the whole thing, Optimo. You best get yourself rested and maybe readjusted to your new body.” Chala said, reassuring her companion with a gentle head pat before heading back into her workshop inside. To be honest, she had no clue on how to repair Optimo’s body. For starters, whoever made Optimo’s frame seemed to make it of specific components and replace the fried circuitry just trying to get the artifact? It took her a while just to fit the Titan core inside. She would be there all night or all month if she has to get Optimo’s body repaired.

As she began to work on Optimo’s damaged body, she noticed a black box inside. Something she glanced over when she was repairing Optimo all these times. Her curiosity beckoned her to pull out the black box and inspect it. She’s never seen a black box being put inside of a Mechanostrider. Still, she had to remind herself that Optimo is no ordinary Mechanostrider. The night elf inspected the box and realized that it could be opened, so it wasn’t just the machine’s recording box. Inside the box contained a well-preserved film reel with the words “Project: Optimo” written on the film case.

“ ‘Project Optimo’?” Chala said to herself, “Who or what made you?”
 She looked outside to see her mechanical companions helping Optimo. He began to extend and inspect his robotic wings.

Chala thought on the reel.

“This is something big, real big.” Chala said to herself, “Very well, I guess we got a mystery on who Optimo is..and who made them..”