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Heya, it’s your boy, Choujin here.

Today I’m deciding to post something already done, something tied to my last story and the Bola’Vettir bit This little number is what I’ve been working on for a while and takes place in that same universe, with a bit of a space western vibe to it. I hope you don’t mind my work and enjoy this this as much as I have written it.

Slayer of Foultongues

written by TheChoujinVirus

Bindi X, a Terran Federation planet caught up in the Terran-Acheronite War. This Mining Colony found itself under occupation by an Acheronite battalion, with little to no resistance. A good chunk of some people still fight the Acheronite invaders, but not enough to push them off the planet. At a nearby small shipping area of the mining colony, away from any form of conflict, A lone stranger, not part of the war, found himself stuck in this world. The transport he was on was locked down as the Acheronites prevented no ship from leaving the planet, not even private carriers As stranger stepped off the transport, it would be clear that he was neither human nor Acheronite. In fact, he was a race of humanoid aliens called Kiralins. His sandy grey pants, shirt, rusty dirt brown colored long coat, and hat perfectly covered his chitinous, scaly body. His hat was covering his face, which looked human save for the texture, greyish yellow skin. The Stranger found his travel cut short as he looked at his surroundings. The shipping area was more or less nearly barren with a few humans doing their best to go on with their lives with this occupation. The stranger’s first stop was the local bar as he was in need of a drink.
As he walked into the bar, he noticed it was pretty drab by human standards as only three people were there, an old bartender and two patrons. The bartender beckoned the stranger over to the counter as he asked: “Anything you’d want, stranger?”

“what do you got?”, The stranger asked

“We got scotch, beer, and water,” the bartender replied, “I would have the special stuff, but with those xeno she-devils, I have to hold onto that stuff for special occasions.”

“Water,” The stranger asked.

The barkeep began to pour the Kiralin a glass of water as the two patrons started eyeing the stranger from their table.

“Hey, boy! You ain’t from around here are you?” said one of the patrons.

 “You’re right I’m not,” The Kiralin replied.

“what’s with your bit? You trying to copy some old Earth cowboy movie?”

“You know those xenos, Lester,” the other patron replied, “They want to copy our movies because they think Clint Eastwood is a real-life cowboy or superhero. Knowing this feller, he really thinks those movies are actual ‘historical documents.’ “

The Kiralin watched the two patrons chat on, though not before the barkeep handed him the water he requested. Bit thanked the barkeep then quietly enjoyed his drink, looking around as the sound of old Earth country music played on a busted jukebox. The somber tone of the bar was interrupted as a woman’s scream can be heard outside of the bar. Everyone in the bar ran toward a window as they watched the scene unfold. Three Acheronite soldiers in armor were holding a seventeen-year-old girl by her wrist. People fled to their homes as they are familiar with these attacks. Not a single person was willing to stick their neck out as they knew what happened to those who tried to resist Acheronite soldiers

“Trying to cause trouble like the rest of them?”, One Acheronite snarled, her amber eyes glared at the girl.

The other Acheronite replied, “These Terran jy’alk need to learn a lesson. We’ve already killed several of them, but they keep coming back and harder than ever.”
 “Perhaps so, but the commander suggests we do not kill her,” the leader said, holding the girl’s wrist. She looked like she could snap that wrist like a twig.

“Just kill her here and now!” the third Acheronite snapped “This jy’ alk need to know their place!”

Back at the bar, the barkeep shook his head “shit, this is the fifth person this month. If this keeps it up, they’ll just purge us all.”

Upon hearing the distressed tone of the barkeep, the Kiralin placed his glass down, got up from his seat and headed toward the door quietly.

 “Hey! Boy, what are you doing?!” Lester’s eyes were shocked, “They’ll kill you!”

Bit turned to the bartender and said “There may be a way to diffuse the situation without any bloodshed.”

The stranger walked out the door and toward the trio. The Leader of the trio threw the girl to the ground and aimed her weapon at her head.

“This didn’t have to go like this,” The leader told the girl, “But you Terrans leave us no choice.”
As the Acheronite leader was contemplating about killing the girl, the Kiralin let out a sharp whistle that got the four’s attention. He merely stared at them, his green glass-like eyes glaring at them like targeting irons.

“What’s with the show of force?”, he asked, “I assumed the Acheronites were above this level of barbarism?”

“This doesn’t concern you, Kiralin,” the Leader said calmly.

He sternly glared, “It does if you’re harassing the locals. I’ll ask again, why the show of force?”

“We’re at war, so stay out of this!”, One of the Acheronites was ready to pull her gun on the stranger.

The Kiralin began to scan the trio and kept calm and cold as ice even though he did feel a twinge of fear coursing in his mind. Usually he was expecting them to just talk it out, but they looked like they meant business. The Kiralin and the Acheronite trio were in a standoff, the leader stared back along with her compatriots. Both sides waiting for one to make the first move. The Acheronite ready to fire shifted her feet, the sound of dirt shifting caught the stranger’s ear. On that cue, the Stranger reached into his coat and pulled out an elegant but bulky looking handgun. The trio heard the sound of gunfire as the Acheronite that was about to attack fell to the ground, the bullet striking her through her through her amber eye. The Leader prepared her weapon while the second Acheronite dashed at the Kiralin, closing the distance to kill him. The Kiralin muttered the words.

“Flak Shot”

The gun in his hand began to transform, changing itself from a handgun to the appearance of what one would describe as a sawed-off shotgun. The Acheronite was caught off guard as she was sent flying backward, hot buckshot tearing through her armor. The girl looked at her rescuer then turned around to spot the leader of the group making a quick retreat.
“Hey, mister! That Acheronite’s making a run for it!”

The Kiralin noticed the Acheronite leader fleeing in the distance like a panicked animal fleeing a predator in pursuit. He said another word:

“Long Shot”

 His gun slowly began to change into something built for long range shooting as the barrel of the gun looked elongated. The girl watches as the Kiralin took aim and fired. The fleeing acheronite in the distance fell to the ground as the bullet struck her. The girl dashed toward the bar’s entrance as the Kiralin followed behind, looking back as he wanted to be sure that was it.

“Maria! What the hell caused you to get in that amount of trouble?!”, The Barkeep said sternly
“They only caught me because I was entering some no-go zone,” the young girl snapped back

“That was completely stupid and reckless of you! You know they’ll kill you”, He turned his attention to the stranger, “I don’t know why you did it. You were either brave, stupid or both. Either way, thanks for saving Maria…”

“Don’t count on it,” the stranger replied, “I just didn’t want to see someone get hurt.”

“by the way, what is your name?”, Maria asked the Kiralin

“the miners referred to my getup as a ‘bit,’ so I guess you can call me Bit if you want.”

“Okay,” Maria asked.

The next day, the area was abuzz with rumors about Bit’s skill and how he managed to defeat three Acheronites by himself. Most of the miners couldn’t even take down one of them, and they were surprised that an alien was able to do it. Some were amazed while others felt disdain that a xeno had to do something the Federation failed to do. Bit, on the other hand, woke up after sleeping in a guest room the barkeep kept for overnight guests (it wasn’t pleasant or pretty, but it kept him warm). As he left the room, he was greeted by the patrons as a hero.

“Three cheers for the stranger who saved Maria.”
Bit remained silent as he headed to the barkeep and asked: “anything to eat?”

 “Only ration packs,” he replied as he hands him a ration bar “It’s not much but with the Acheronites blockading all supply routes, we’re stuck here with limited supplies. I would make you some chicken fried steak and eggs as a thank you for last night”

“that sucks. Why are the Acheronites here anyway?”, Bit asked

“hell if I know, they showed up and mentioned about this being some sacred ground of some sort,” the Barkeep served Bit some water as he continued talking “First the mines claimed that the mines got some ‘feral infestation problem’, and now the Acheronites have arrived here and occupied the planet. All because of a war the Federation got us into with these she-devils.”

“Figures…,” The Kiralin said calmly.

“Can I ask you a favor, Bit? Can you go to Maria’s room and get her down here.”, The barkeep said, “She may have had to deal with that mess, but that doesn’t excuse her from work. I need her checking the water filtration system.”

“Alright,” Bit replied, “where’s her room?.”

 “Oh, it’s on the right, the sign that says ‘No Entry’ is her’s,” The barkeep replied.

“never knew that was a room. I thought it may have been something else entirely. Alright, I’ll inform Maria then.”

Bit headed back upstairs to find Maria. He found the “No Entry” sign. He opened the door and was surprised to see Maria in a transition of changing her clothes. Due to Kiralin upbringing and customs, he was oblivious to human nudity. However, he noticed that Maria had something different than any other human, she’s got aa lizard-like tail. Before he could even tell her about the Barkeep’s request, she gave a loud shriek and began throwing stuff at Bit.

Bit closed the door in a rush just as she started throwing some heavy stuff. The Barkeep overheard the commotion as he tells Bit, “we usually knock on doors before entering. Ladies don’t like that when you walk in on them changing.”

“Wasn’t expecting her to change clothes,” Bit replied, “Though what is she?”

A nearby patron walked up to the two. A heavily built African American male with a square face and wearing a sandy dirt mechanic’s jumpsuit then spoke to the Kiralin. “I take it you’ve never seen an Augment before?”

The Kiralin turned toward this patron, “What’s an Augment?”

“Bio-Engineered Humans, supposedly hybridized with animal DNA. Maria’s one of them.”, the big guy said.

The barkeep noticed the heavily built man and scowled “Finley, what brings your sorry ass over here? Didn’t I kick you out because of that brawl you started?”

“Hey! That little shrimp started it”, Finley snapped in defense.

Bit quietly enjoyed his meal while listening to the two bickered. He saw Maria headed downstairs, but not before she gave an angry scowl at Bit before heading out the door. Finley looked at the Kiralin and replied, “Well, you’re off to a good start with Maria already”

“If you mean romantically, I’m not interested in cross-species-“

Finley interrupted, “Whoa there, Polanski, I wasn’t hinting that. I was talking about your little stunt with the Acheronites.”

“I had to do something,” Bit said, “Though I didn’t want to kill them”

“True, but now those Acheronites are going to be mighty pissed,” Fin stated, “You just killed one of their captains, and they don’t like that one bit.”

“What’s going to happen?” Bit asked

 “They’re probably going to come and kill us all,” Finley asked. With that, everyone stopped and stared quietly at the group upon hearing this conversation.

Bit looked at the group before turning to Finley, “Now I can see why you got yourself kicked out of this bar. I highly doubt they would cause that much trouble for three soldiers.”

“I’ve heard them Acheronite she-devils will kill people just for killing one of them. Supposedly they’re all sisters to one mother.” Finley said “I hope you’re right that they won’t kill us all over your stunt.”

“I hope so. This town doesn’t have the equipment to deal with an Acheronite force. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be occupied when the Federation base fell.” The barkeep said.

Meanwhile, outside of the bar, Maria was cleaning the grime and crud off the water filters for the bar. She hated that job with such a passion that she wished she was captured by those Acheronites than doing this hard labor. She heard the sound of vehicles pulling up near the loading station. Maria saw from a corner and noticed they were Federation APCs, though something felt wrong. The APC doors opened, and several troops of Acheronite soldiers emerged, followed by another, decked out in much heavy body armor than the rest of them.

“Search this place! We lost contact with our sisters in this area”, The large Acheronite commanded as several troopers began scouting the area. Maria saw this and quickly ran into the bar, terror in her eyes as she ran into the bar, and announced loudly to the patrons

“Acheronites! They’re outside!”

On cue, everyone stopped and made a mad dash outside to see the area had around 20 soldiers, all of them lead by the sizeable four-armed female that was heavily armored. Bit followed outside last as he overheard the four-armed Acheronite announce to the crowd.

“We have reports that three Acheronite soldiers disappeared in your area following reports of capturing someone violating the no-go zone. As you know, we’ve allowed some form of protection to ensure safe transitions. Therefore, we are requesting any information on what happened to them. Cooperation will produce compliance.”

The crowd murmured as one townsperson yelled out, “What if we refuse? You’ve chased us out of our homes and such.”

 “Then we’ll have no choice but to occupy and detain this area like the rest,” The Acheronite leader replied.

 “That’s not a wise way to win the hearts and minds of the people,” Bit replied as he walked out of the crowd and out in the open where the large Acheronite could see them.

“A Kiralin? Here on this planet”, The leader couldn’t wrap her head around Bit’s appearance

“What are you doing on this planet, Kiralin? I thought your government wasn’t lending aid to the Terrans? Has your government decided to fight alongside these ji’alks?” 

“I was passing through and found myself stuck here,” Bit stated. The crowd continued to watch them, “even though your soldiers were harassing a girl,” Bit explained, “But I’m sure you would know…after all, don’t Acheronites have some form of psionic link between each other”

“You lie, the soldiers would not resort to that lower level of barbarism! You probably killed them in cold blood. None of my soldiers would ever attempt that basis of barbarism””

“I did it in self-defense,” Bit said, “Maybe you need to keep your soldiers in line.”  The crowd began to cheer on as one of them yelled: “Tell those she-devils off!” The group grew bolder and pushy, making the Acheronite soldiers nervous and defensive.

“Stand down! We do not want to start violence!”, The leader yelled. Finley, leading a small group, entered the bar while the crowd got louder against the Acheronite forces. Bit remained quiet as he watched the squad leader’s face grow worried. She wasn’t expecting the humans to become this agitated and Bit knew this.”

“Listen, we can just walk away from this situation if you just take your soldiers and leave these Terrans alone.” Bit said, “We don’t need more bloodshed.”

Despite his words, the Acheronite was more occupied with the humans around them than Bit’s words.  “Keep the ji’alk in check!”, She barked. However, one Acheronite noticed something thrown at her. It looked like a metal ball with a charge as it began beeping. However, she realized too late what it was as it exploded, searing her and sending three Acheronites flying. Some of the human townsfolk found themselves shaken (a few injured) by the detonator.

The Acheronite squad found themselves under fire as Finley, and his group took positions in the buildings and began firing, sending the lot into cover to hide or fight.

Bit just witnessed an uprising, an uprising that he’s now caught up in. An uprising that he himself had no clue would change his life and views of both occupier and occupied.

Keep an eye out for more of this chapter in future segments, and you might see more of this outside of the blog.

Thursday Media Review: Monster Rancher Anime Part 2 (Ep. 16-30)

Review by TheChoujinVirus
Note: This is part 2 of a review on the Monster Rancher anime, to see part 1, please click here. As before, there are spoilers, so you’ve been warned

Hello, it’s ya boy Choujin

Welcome to part two of my review of the Monster Rancher anime. This time we’ll be focusing on episodes 16-30. If you want a recap of the last events and a brief explanation of the Monster Rancher series, I would suggest you click on the link here to catch up. Other than that, let’s continue our adventure.

To recap from the last episode, our heroes have enlisted the help of Captain Horn and his crew of Rockies to help them cross the sea in order to find the Phoenix before Moo can find his body. Suezo complains about why the group has to do work as passengers on Horn’s ship. Horn reassures them that he’s an honorable pirate (despite Suezo’s hatred for the pirate captain.) Meanwhile, below the sea, Gali orders his troop of whale monsters called Zillas and their leader Gooji. The blue whale monster is ecstatic to fight his old foe, Captain Horn, again.Back on Horn’s ship, Horn finds that Golem is shirking his work, despite Golem’s pleas that he hates the water. The pirate crew decides that in order to “face his fears,” they throw him overboard. However, they realize that Golem is afraid of water not because he’s afraid of water, but because he’s a giant rock monster and thus cannot swim. With Genki’s help, they get Golem back aboard Horn’s ship. During Dinner, Holly visits Golem and discusses how much has changed since they all started their adventure. Holly doubts herself in thinking they may never be able to find the Phoenix as the land they’re visiting is entirely new to her and that there are rumors that Moo’s influence is greater there. Golem reassures Holly that as long as they work as a team, they’ll be able to find the Phoenix. However, just as the peaceful night was going so smoothly, the group is ambushed by Gooji and his Zilla troops. The group managed to repel Gooji’s Zillas, which angers the monstrous Gooji as he decides to take care of our heroes himself.  Gooji captures Holly and threatens the rest of them, which causes Golem to snap out of his fear of water in order to repel the giant whale. Horn orders his Rockies to tie up Gooji and dispose of him in a giant whirlpool for good. Gooji tries to take our heroes down with him, but again, Golem intervenes and knocks the whale into the depths once and for all (Though not without Golem returning back to his post upon realizing he’s still near open water).  Horn delivers our group of heroes to the new land. The Group thanks Horn for helping, and Horn returns the thanks by giving them a map of the new land.

Though their new journey is not without new perils besides Gooji and his Zilla troops, Gali dispatches his deadly illusionist Joker to ambush the heroes. Our heroes now have to find a way to get over a massive cliff, which leads to Tiger and Hare arguing. Moochi discovers a cave buried behind rubble, and our group now has a practical way through the cave. However, the darkness also hides Gali’s Joker. A cave in and some bats later cause them to return back to their new area. However, they discover some new paths that the cave in created. Tiger takes this chance to accuse Hare of trying to find a quick lazy fix that hurts everyone and outright accuses him of caring more about money than friendships. Hare snaps and accuses Tiger of being a hypocrite (as he brings up Tiger’s past about being a Bandit). The group then falls into Joker’s trap as they’re now searching for Hare, who promptly ran into the caves after his fight. Joker makes his move and gives Genki and his friends a run for their money with his ability to create illusions. This causes them to succumb to illusions like fighting Moo, peaceful fields, open water, falling daggers, and chains. Though just before Joker can deliver the killing blow, Hare returns and saves the group from Joker. During the fight, Hare learns a new move known as Dragon Kick. With that, he dispatches Joker, and the group escapes the cave.

Along the journey, they managed to run into a new face as they explore the ruins of an abandoned city. This guy’s name is Hengar and was one of the monsters referenced in Monol’s story. He aids them from other Hengars that viewed the heroes as a threat to the ancient city that they maintained for so long. It’s humorous as the group (save for Genki and Hare) is puzzled over some of the technology used (such as a vending machine). Though with Hengar’s help, they managed to not only survive the ordeal but managed to reacquire the Magic Stone that was dropped when they fled the other Hengar. It’s a pretty sad ordeal as Hengar learned that the Ancient’s war was over, and as he tried to explain to his other brethren, they replied by blasting him to pieces. They also learn of the Hengar’s boss known as Techno Dragon and how he controls all the Hengars (save for our companion’s Hengar).

  After leaving the city and saying good-bye to Hengar, the group finds themselves pursued by Gali’s Dokoos. Throughout this battle, Hare calls out that Suezo has no actual talents of combat (despite Suezo’s protest that he can fight.) The group has to deal with not just the rubbery monsters, but Suezo’s existential crisis on how he couldn’t defeat them. Genki tries to help Suezo discover this journey, but it takes one major crisis for Suezo to discover his Teleport ability.
Along their journey, Genki and company run into Pixie and Big Blue again, this time now an enemy of Moo and fighting on the side of good. When she and Genki are separated from the group, they are able to work together and defeat the Scaled Jells attacking them, all while learning that Moo has started an excavation in the north of the continent, hinting that he found his old body.

With Gali defeated, Moo’s Big Bad Four is now down to only two: Grey Wolf and Naga. Grey Wolf gets news of Gali’s defeat from a Cabalos. Grey Wolf views this as a worthy hunt, as he gives orders to his Black Worm troops to attack the group. The group gets ambushed by one of them, and by capturing one of them, they learn that Grey Wolf is one of the remaining Big Bad Four (which shocks Tiger). Though in the ambush, Holly is poisoned by one of the Black Worms. Tiger goes and finds the antidote while defeating the Black Worm’s Captain. They are able to save Holly and continue on.
The group later runs into Mocks and their leader Ebony as they are captured. Though Mocchi escapes and runs into a strange monster named Ducken, who guides Mocchi out of his home as he’s afraid they’ll find him. Mocchi, with some pressuring on Ducken, heads to the Mock’s camp to rescue his friends as he disguises himself as a Mock. Though the operation is a bust, Mocchi runs back to Ducken and finds a bright idea of using Ducken’s tunnels to fight. It’s in this argument that Ducken was too scared to fight against the Mocks and Ebony. Mocchi reassures him, and Ducken agrees to let Mocchi use the tunnels, and with his help, Mocchi is able to defeat the Mocks and rescue his friends. Also, Ducken learns the importance of friendship.

Later on, they learn that some monsters aren’t naturally evil and either learned the error of their ways. Such monsters such as Undine, a mermaid monster Golem, falls in love and, in her chaos, kills herself when she realized that Golem believes that she’s still good regardless of her affinity.  The others happen to be three monsters Centaur, Celios, and Dragoon. Three Monsters who work for Grey Wolf but have a code of honor who at first want to capture the group and later aid them when a group of Salamanders tries to steal their thunder. Lastly, they run into an abandoned factory where they must deal with a robotic insect called Melcarba, who, just like Hengar was created long ago and created with a purpose that was wasted.

Throughout the ordeal, they eventually take the fight to Grey Wolf. For Tiger, this makes it extremely hard as this Baddie is his own brother. Before the battle, Tiger has a dream when he taught his brother how to be strong. By the next morning, after the Pendant is found, they are greeted by one of Grey Wolf’s Cabalos, declaring that his boss demands Tiger to fight him in a one and one fight. Tiger departs to fight his brother while Genki and the rest follow behind him, fearing that their friend may be walking into a trap. Tiger gets flashbacks of the event that led to Grey Wolf being captured by Moo until he arrives at the dueling ground. The two of them exchange quips as Grey Wolf calls Tiger a coward while Tiger tells his brother that he’s been lied to. They both fight as Grey Wolf gives Tiger an ultimatum: Join Moo’s forces. Tiger turns it down, which led Grey Wolf to cheat with his Cabalos soldiers. Genki and his friends intervene, leaving Tiger and Grey Wolf in a one and one battle. The two wolves equally matched until Grey Wolf uses his tail to blind Tiger (a trick Tiger taught his brother). However, Tiger managed to pull one last trick against Grey Wolf. He used his horns to gore his brother though his Crest. Grey Wolf learns that his brother Tiger still loved him. His last words were that he wished they could go back when they were little. Unfortunately, Grey Wolf dies of his injuries as Tiger howls in mourning. Though they defeated the third of Moo’s Big Bad Four, Tiger lost a brother.

While back at the excavation site, Moo’s forces have discovered their master’s original body.
 With news of Grey Wolf’s demise, Naga of the Big Bad Four remains, and our group must continue their travel to find the Phoenix. Throughout their journey they must deal with Naga’s forces. The first one being Stone Dragon. However, they managed to get help from the odd caterpillar named Color Pandora. It’s revealed that Stone Dragon’s been kidnapping the Color Pandora’s children, hence why they resorted to using traps. Another ally they meet is a Ferry Captain named Jim and his companion Eared Mew. They help him deal with Naga’s dangerous Arrowheads. Both of these allies help Genki and company defeat Naga’s threats.
Interestingly, they had one incident where they had to lend aid to two warring monsters. Two tribes of Ape and Rock Ape both started waging war when our heroes awaken a baby monster named Bossy. The group managed to find a solution to where both tribes work together and end their squabbling. Though, as the group is unaware, Moo is marveling over his newly discovered ancient body. Pixie finds this news and heads out to warn Genki and his friends.

The series is impressive and gets a bit dark, especially with the battle between Tiger and Grey Wolf. What I also like about it is that the series does reference past episodes and not forget certain things (Golem’s Aquaphobia and how some episodes have Suezo referencing his attempt at trying to master Teleport). Another thing that I like is how some episodes do hit hard in certain parts. Undine’s Lake actually made you feel sorry for the villainous Undine and how she commits suicide upon realizing Golem’s kindness regardless of if she was on the villain’s side. Another good episode was Tiger’s Battle with Destiny as we get to see a fight between brothers. Some characters also have unusual quirks that make them cute or interesting. Some of them being Hengar, Eared Mew, Captain Jim, and Ducken have some important reasons for their goals (good or bad).
 As mentioned in my last review, the Japanese version has some alterations and changes. Though some are an exciting twist (Ducken in the Japanese version is actually female while the dub made him a male.) while others are typical (Changing Gali’s attacks that reference God to his name such as Gali Finale) and some changes are just really odd (Removing a scene that had mud on Pixie’s face). One that gets me scratching my head is how the “Unlock Your Disk” segment refers to Gooji as Zilla Kong.
Another thing that changed was the aforementioned Tiger’s Battle With Destiny. The episode was not aired when the show was on FOX due to a scene involving Tiger impaling Grey Wolf. It’s odd as Undine’s Lake is broadcast as it involves the monster committing suicide. Then again, the episode is still aired, so at least it’s not like Pokemon where some episodes are outright ignored.

With that, that’s part two of my review of Monster Rancher. Wow, already 30 episodes, and we still got plenty of other episodes soon. So see you next time for the next installment.


Friday Fan-Work

Hey, it’s ya boy, Choujin.

Today’s a new Friday, and new fanwork. While your boy (or yourself) are probably waiting for Phantasy Star Online 2 to let you long in. I’ve found one of my older works again. The bad news is that i’m running out of old work to share. However, the good news is that I’ll be musing some new original stuff soon. For now, enjoy a poem I wrote about my first hat I got.

                                                         My Hat

I remembered when I got my hat.
It was on the Christmas of 2013
My grandmother gave you to me
like it was a literal missing piece to me

You were my hat
and we never left each other’s sides
Like brothers, but a stronger bond than
Jim and Old Yeller.

When I go out without you
I feel like I’m naked without you on my head
I wonder if you think the same thing
without me under you.

Though sometimes I admit
that I may be a hataphiliac
since I don’t leave the house without you
or your siblings on my head.

I always wear you on my head
and I admit you make me look good
hopefully nothing bad happens to you
because I don’t think anything would replace
my hat.

Thursday Media Review: Monster Rancher Anime Part 1(episodes 1-15)

Review done by TheChoujinVirus
Note: this review may have spoilers to the franchise, so if this is your first time with this, I’d advise you to watch before reading this

With the talks of a new game on Steam called TemTem, it got me thinking and remembering the various monster collecting genres that existed. We all know of Pokemon, the franchise that more or less is king in the genre, and we are all familiar with those digital monsters we call Digimon and the oddly gimmicky Yo-kai Watch series. Some might not have forgotten about an odd series that was introduced by Tecmo and introduced on the Playstation in 1997. This franchise is known as Monster Rancher (or Monster Farm in Japan). However, we won’t be talking about the games (that’ll be for another time), but we’ll be discussing the 1999 anime that was released. For this, we’ll start out with our review of the first fifteen episodes and explain the events that transpire but don’t worry. I’ll be doing reviews of the rest of them soon enough. Another note is that I might make a comparison between the US version and the Japanese versions at the end (or added in an explanation with parenthesis). Without further or due, let us get started with our review of the Monster Rancher anime.

Our story begins with an introduction to our protagonist Genki, a child who is obsessed with Monster Rancher and champion at a major Monster Rancher tournament. One day, as part of his prize, he receives a copy of a new Monster Rancher game and heads home to play it. Little does Genki know is that the game he’s playing is tied to the Monster Rancher world and is pulled into it after witnessing two beings being chased by Black Dinos: Holly and her friend Suezo. After being pulled into the area, Genki learns from Holly that she and Suezo are on a quest to find the mythical Phoenix. They need this monster because of another evil being called Moo, who has the power of turning good monsters evil and that the Phoenix can not only stop Moo but make evil monsters good again. Genki thinks the game disc that brought him here may contain the Phoenix, but when they awaken it, it turns out it’s not. It’s revealed that the monster is a pink, squishy armadillo creature called Mochii. Though it’s not the fabled creature, the group continues on their journey as they’re guided by Holly’s magical pendant on a quest that points her to the Phoenix. Along the way, they gain allies for their adventures, such as Golem, a giant and friendly rock monster who was guarding a graveyard of dead monsters. Then they’re followed by Tiger of the Wind, a horned blue wolf monster who wants revenge on Moo for kidnapping his brother Grey Wolf and Hare the trickster who starts out joining under not so noble intentions and interested in money.

Throughout their quest, they also meet some strange allies and enemies along the path. Some who are redeemed like Allan and his Worm and others lend aid like Ed, a prisoner who helps the travelers across a canyon. The crew also has to deal with Moo’s forces known as the Baddies, and having to deal with his most dangerous generals known as the Big Bad Four. Composed of four monsters: Gali, Naga, Pixie, and Tiger’s brother Silverfang. Each of them is loyal to Moo and aid in enslaving both monsters and humans. Genki and company are successful in defeating the first of the Big Bad Four, Pixie, and thus were able to deliver a blow against Moo. It an episode prior to this, Holly remembers events of her village as she remembered her father being banished and a few years later, invaded by Moo’s forces as she escaped with Suezo, thus starting their journey. The group also later awakens a monster named Monol and learn about the ancient race that created the monsters and how rampant war gave birth to Moo and his nemesis, The Phoenix.

 Eventually, the group finds themselves face to face with Moo himself and kidnaps Holly as he needs her pendant. He reveals that though he is Moo, he’s only a spirit possessing a vessel until he can find his true body: the dragon body that he lost in the great war. Moo reveals (akin to a Star Wars twist) that he’s Holly’s father. When Holly’s father was banished from the town due to a failed election, he stumbled upon the mystery disc containing Moo’s soul, and as a result, he has become Moo himself. Holly’s pendant is used by the villainous Moo, and he’s able to find the location of his body. The gang staged a rescue and managed to help Holly escape from Moo’s palace with the help of a group of monsters called Pirate Dragons. They also gain the aid of Pixie, who now has switched sides against Moo.  Once Holly is rescued, the group managed to make their escape and thanked the Dragons for saving Holly, the group began to ponder that if Moo could use the magic pendant to find his body, perhaps they can do the same to find the Phoenix. Holly then uses the magic stone, and it guides them toward a direction across the ocean. Everyone is excited, save for Golem, who is revealed to have aquaphobia due to being a rock monster.

Though as the group is admiring the sea, Gali of one of Moo’s Big Bad Four has dispatched his troop of raptor-like Zuums to attack the group when they arrive at a nearby port town. However, they’re rescued by a blue Suezo with a horn named Captain Horn and his white Suezo Rockies. The group then explains to Horn that they need to cross the ocean to find the Phoenix. Horn agrees to this deal but wants to put a wager through a game of Old Maid. Should the group win, he’ll sail them across the sea, but should he win, he’ll sail off with Holly instead. Suezo and Horn are mono y mono in their game of old maid to the point that both resort to cheating and sneaky tactics in order to win. Though just as the game will turn into a brawl, the Zuums arrive to attack the group and Horn’s crew. They now take their chance to set sail while Golem holds off the Zuums, though he manages to get aboard and briefly ignores his fear of water until he’s aboard the ship. The group now ready to search for the Phoenix’s body.

Now with the summary of the first 15 episodes of Monster Rancher done, let’s get to some of the good and the bad of the series. Now, for those who may have watched the American dub of Monster Rancher, you’d like how you have some decent voice acting for the dub and had some like Scott McNeil voicing the roles of Suezo and some of the monsters and villains like Gali or the Black Dino captain. Even having major voice actors like Sam Vincent (Ed, Edd, and Eddy fame) as the voice of Hare, and you have a young Andrew Francis voicing the protagonist Genki.

However, though as the anime in the US had its pros, there were some cons in the series that might get some people upset in this day and age is that some of the stuff in the series may have censored some moments such as removing references of Hare’s gas attack (an attack where Hare farts on his foe. In the US version, it’s changed to a rabbit punch). Other changes were mostly stuff such as removing the Tecmo logo, and altering scenes of violence where it’s not so dragged out or extremely painful. This is nothing new as anime in the 90s to early 2000s had this level of typical censorship, and some of it doesn’t seem to be that bad. I could list more of the changes, but that would take away from this review. Another happens to be the “Unlock Your Disk” song, a song that is played in the first break that feels great with it’s rap-like tone. However, it feels like a knock-off of the Poke-Rap. The beat’s good though, but again..doesn’t feel orginal.
With that done, that’s my review of the Monster Rancher Anime. For those who are asking, there are more episodes, fear not, I’ll be doing future reviews of the later episodes soon. So don’t worry, we’ll see what happens to Genki and his friends soon enough.


Tuesday Mumbles: Political In-fighting

Note: what you’re going to read is based on opinions, so don’t take it too personally if it hits too close to home. It may be frustrating, but it’s something that gets under my skin.

Heya, it’s ya boy Choujin here.
I’m sure all of you enjoyed Sunday’s Super Bowl match and maybe talking about it today, but there’s something that’s been biting me for a while that’s been frustrating me for a pretty good while. While everyone’s watching replays of the Chiefs’ victory over the 49ers, some folks have been watching stuff over the debates in Iowa and  arguing over who they should nominate as their Democratic candidate? For those unaware, you have the candidates like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg all trying to win the nomination during a time when the Democratic Party is a political war with the Republicans and Trump. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that some people would rather want one candidate to win, and if he doesn’t, they’re willing to “destroy everything” to get their candidate in.

I could name the obvious, but due to that group’s *ahem* attitude of being called out, I won’t name names or point fingers in this situation. However, I will state that now is not the time to be in-fighting this close to the election and not when we have to deal with another four more years. Especially with a man who can’t even name the city where the Chiefs are or that the Revolutionary War was fought over airports.

If you want something from ya boy, here’s some advice I’d give to the democratic party.
First off, stop this whole “all in, or I quit” crap. It was this backstabbing mentality that ended poorly for the Democrats in 2016. People need to know that every candidate has ideas to solve their way. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes it is just so vague that people don’t know if it’ll work or not because they don’t speak clearly on it.

The party’s nomination has to show that not only would his or her platform work but also toward voters themselves. You have to remember that voters are not a monolith and live by specific orders. A farmer from Arkansas has issues he wants his candidate to solve, just like the hipster from San Francisco. Some of it may be more important than others (but not disregarded). So if one candidate is chosen over another, our basis should be to stand behind that person. Vote out of what you believe in and not out of petty spite that makes the person upset.

Another issue I’ve seen is that people are trying to push this Progressive vs. — corporate Democrat argument that’s a lot of in-fighting and not enough fixing the issues. For me, I’d focus on getting our candidate out first before we take care of our house. It’s not saying cave to corporatism or some other form of complacency, but picking a fight just because of who’s donating who or what SuperPAC’s backing. This is the same in-fighting that will do nothing but make things worse and, in the end, repeat what happened four years ago.

By the time this is posted, a nominee may or may not have been considered the victor of Iowa. I’m sure plenty of people will be crying foul over this mess and be spouting various drivel that either be insulting or conspiracy theories.  I have to say this, folks need to stand behind someone because there are far worse issues ahead of us than over whoever said person did or what they might do.
Otherwise, unless this problem can be fixed, we’re just going never to get anywhere.

Fan-Work Friday

Happy Friday everyone, it’s ya boy, Choujin! Today’s another Fan-work Friday and it’s another classic from my creative writing class now two years ago. It’s a Ballard, So sit back relax and enjoy this little piece of work.

Ballard of Gamers

A boy fires up his video game
Ready for some fun
away from the bright sun
as he adventures into his fantasy world

Traveling with monkeys, dinosaurs, plumbers and swordsmasters
Seeking out Sacred Stones or fighting in Holy Wars
with only his Binding Blade as fights like his boy Roy

The boy pops out one game, and plays another
Time Lording with new allies, staying the course
going through Hyrule and Skyrim
crushing and defeating every force.

In the end, a greater force stops him
Greater than Ganon, Bowser or Maedus, like no other
it stands at the door of his room, arms crossed
for it’s the boy’s mother.