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No Tuesday Mumbles today as I’m focusing on my Thursday Media review, which will be part 2 of the Monster Rancher anime review. Sorry again for the messup

Tuesday Mumbles: Political In-fighting

Note: what you’re going to read is based on opinions, so don’t take it too personally if it hits too close to home. It may be frustrating, but it’s something that gets under my skin.

Heya, it’s ya boy Choujin here.
I’m sure all of you enjoyed Sunday’s Super Bowl match and maybe talking about it today, but there’s something that’s been biting me for a while that’s been frustrating me for a pretty good while. While everyone’s watching replays of the Chiefs’ victory over the 49ers, some folks have been watching stuff over the debates in Iowa and  arguing over who they should nominate as their Democratic candidate? For those unaware, you have the candidates like Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Pete Buttigieg all trying to win the nomination during a time when the Democratic Party is a political war with the Republicans and Trump. However, one thing I’ve noticed is that some people would rather want one candidate to win, and if he doesn’t, they’re willing to “destroy everything” to get their candidate in.

I could name the obvious, but due to that group’s *ahem* attitude of being called out, I won’t name names or point fingers in this situation. However, I will state that now is not the time to be in-fighting this close to the election and not when we have to deal with another four more years. Especially with a man who can’t even name the city where the Chiefs are or that the Revolutionary War was fought over airports.

If you want something from ya boy, here’s some advice I’d give to the democratic party.
First off, stop this whole “all in, or I quit” crap. It was this backstabbing mentality that ended poorly for the Democrats in 2016. People need to know that every candidate has ideas to solve their way. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, and sometimes it is just so vague that people don’t know if it’ll work or not because they don’t speak clearly on it.

The party’s nomination has to show that not only would his or her platform work but also toward voters themselves. You have to remember that voters are not a monolith and live by specific orders. A farmer from Arkansas has issues he wants his candidate to solve, just like the hipster from San Francisco. Some of it may be more important than others (but not disregarded). So if one candidate is chosen over another, our basis should be to stand behind that person. Vote out of what you believe in and not out of petty spite that makes the person upset.

Another issue I’ve seen is that people are trying to push this Progressive vs. — corporate Democrat argument that’s a lot of in-fighting and not enough fixing the issues. For me, I’d focus on getting our candidate out first before we take care of our house. It’s not saying cave to corporatism or some other form of complacency, but picking a fight just because of who’s donating who or what SuperPAC’s backing. This is the same in-fighting that will do nothing but make things worse and, in the end, repeat what happened four years ago.

By the time this is posted, a nominee may or may not have been considered the victor of Iowa. I’m sure plenty of people will be crying foul over this mess and be spouting various drivel that either be insulting or conspiracy theories.  I have to say this, folks need to stand behind someone because there are far worse issues ahead of us than over whoever said person did or what they might do.
Otherwise, unless this problem can be fixed, we’re just going never to get anywhere.

Tuesday Mumbles: Technology Breakdowns

Note: this is based on my experience and opinions, so don’t take it too personally.

Heya, it’s ya boi Choujin.

I love technology, it’s something that changes and makes things convenient and useful. One such example I had was a notebook (Lenovo) to replace a computer that was getting old. Only for that first computer to give out with a screen burnout and thus having to get another Lenovo brand. Guess what? That one gave out too when the whole power unit burned out. Now I’m on my third item (ASUS), and hopefully, this one will last a long time. Today’s agitation is not about technology, but how some of them can be so flimsy.

I remembered the first notebook I got was a Gateway (an old computer made by a company that’s no longer functional). That thing was known as an E-Machine. Basically, this thing was designed to be long-lasting (and it lasted me until 2015, though XP would be no longer viable currently). So I had to get an upgrade. Though it was a viable computer, I enjoyed it. Now today, it seems computers you buy get out of date so quickly. It kinda gets me annoying that I want a laptop that can last a very long time without breaking down or crashing on me due to some BIOS or Driver issue. Heck, my old prebuilt computer lasted much longer than today (and some of its components are in my new computer.) So it gets me thinking again about the good days when things used  to last longer when I was younger
Ya boi prefers technology that lasts a very long time. Not something that’ll last forever (as much as I would love to have that) but something that can be reliable and not last three years like today’s new technology. One such example that I had that somehow has lasted a very long time happened to be some old gaming consoles and games like my old Nintendo 64 and Gamecube. All I need to do is replace some batteries on some of the N64 cartridges and Game Boy Advance cartridges, and yet, they work. I think they last much longer than most CDs as all it will take is one scratch to render a CD unplayable (unless you invest in those disc buffers), but otherwise, some would have to buy a new disc. This isn’t even limited to games, as some DVDs can be damaged this way as well, and we all remember having to deal with a damaged DVD from time to time. But seriously, it can be a pain with newer technology that seems to feel frailer by the day.

I mean, it boggles the mind how older technology is much sturdier though obsolete compared to the newer but fragile generation that surpasses it. Analog TVs were pretty sturdy when I was a kid (though heavy as hell), but now you have plasma screen tv that cracks or buckle at one hand slap on the screen. You have phones now that need extra screen protectors to keep them from scratching or being broken. To me, ya boi feels that it’s so annoying that one day I’ll have to buy a new item in a short time just because of some defect or problem.

But I digress, it can be an annoying factor that can make or break people when something falters. Though some would ask one big question: What can we do about ensuring our products don’t break down or shatter like a plate of china. Ya boi doesn’t know what to do with the technology of today save for don’t overuse them and make sure you don’t push your tech too hard unless you know what you’re doing (or if you have friends who are tech-savvy). Otherwise, your best bet is maybe to use screen protectors and other stuff and reminisce about the days when technology used to be sturdy like some old person who reminisces the early days.

That would be my brief Tuesday Mumbles on tech breakdowns if you remembered days when tech (hardware or CDs) were sturdier than today, speak up in the comments.

Monday Mumbles: War

Note: Some of the subjects here may hit a bit hard home, just a bit of a reminder that my opinions are my own. So don’t take things personal

Heya, it’s ya boi, Choujin.
Well, I hope you all had a good 2020, because we’re already starting on one hell of a foot. For those unaware, we’re having a bit of an issue that’s been brewing between the United States and Iran which has gotten people worried about another war in the middle east with others who think that no nation would attack us because the USA would “level them to the ground”. What irks me is less on people who live in fear of inevitable world wars (trust me, ya boi here is a bit jittery about world war 3 as well) but what bothers me are the people who become armchair commandos/soldiers behind a computer.

Some kids and adults who don’t understand that there’s a thing called “Rules of Engagement” and think that war behaves like video games or movies where one wins a war by pushing a button. It’s not only ignorant but belittles stuff that our men and women endure when being shipped to these hot water conflicts. Not only that but it also leads to an underestimation of what our enemies can do if we think stuff can be ended by just the press of a button. People forget that wars can last years (take a look at the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan for example) and that it’s not cut and dry that some media love to portray.

The next thing I’ve seen is how some folks who also grossly underestimate nations just because they don’t have new toys or technology. From what i’ve heard on the news and heard from some who served during Iraq and Afghanistan, Al Qaeda and the militants used ambushed tactics like roadside bombs and other IEDs. Heck, during the Vietnam War, the enemy used ambush tactics and hunting traps to give American soldiers in that war hell. It’s not something that’s pretty and even low tech items gives our boys trouble. Just because the nation we’re going to war doesn’t have flamethrowers, bunker busters or drones with hellfire rockets doesn’t mean that they’re not a threat or pushovers. War isn’t like a video game where weak enemies are easy to kill.

The last thing I’ve seen when it comes to folks talking about war comes to when people talk about the men and women who serve their country. Ya boi here supports the brave men and women of our Armed Services for their sacrifices, but ya boi don’t play what some people will do. Though with this case, you got two camps of people. On one side you got people who think every soldier who fought in a war are nothing but mindless killers and wanton raiders, and the other side you got those who treat soldiers like infallible saints who can never do wrong and should be worshiped. I’m sure you’re asking about what I would do? Well, I would treat them like anybody else. I would thank them for their service and that’s it, no berating them nor treating them like gods. Heck, I wouldn’t mind sharing a cold one with an off duty soldier or veteran. They’re people just like you and me, with or without their uniform and regardless of their branch of service

With that, thanks for listening to my mumbles. I understand that it’s not much of anything but it was something that was on my mind after hearing the news. Now, before I finish up, I’m going to say that I don’t know if this will lead to a conflict or not but the only thing I could suggest is wait and see.

Friday Fan-Work

Good Friday, it’s your boy Choujin here.

Wow, can you believe it’s Friday the 13th? That’s something that some people feel like bad luck. Sometimes it can make someone feel like a failure.

Which brings us to today’s Fan-Work: a Blues Poem I worked from my creative class over a year ago. So sit back, relax, get yourself something to eat or drink, and we’ll get reading of my Blues Poem

Blues Poem: Failure

It’s a frustrating feeling to fail
It can’t go slightly right
I feel like a ship with a bad sail
floating on the waters, the promised land in sight

Why must everything go wrong?
oh why must everything go so wrong?

Like an aspiring star, I almost had it all
understanding it right down to the meaning
but like the Devil himself, before his fall
I failed to grab my own star that’s gleaming

Why must I always be a flop
oh why must I always be a flop

Why, oh why, can’t anything go my way for a change.