Friday Fan-Work

hey, it’s your boy Choujin

Just here to provide you all with another Friday Fan-Works, and another premade work from one of my college. So sit back, have a drink or snack and enjoy the story

“Always make sure your nest egg is set and ready, rainy days may come much sooner than you expect.”
– #10

“Betting and Gambling is just like investments, you got to make sure you put your money on the right places or expect to lose it all.”
– #33

“Costs on goods must be enough to ensure profit, but not too much to drive away consumers.”
– #201

“Don’t sleep with the Boss’s daughter.” – #100

“Ensure the Rules are foolproof, nobody likes it when an alien loopholes your own rules.”
– #400

“Find that blue ocean, exploit it, and make sure no one else claims your business”
– #100

“Greed is like a blood worm. They’re succulent, but they can bite back”
– #50

“Hold out for a great deal if you can find it. Nobody likes an impulsive dealer.”
– #2

“If it sounds good, it’s obviously a bad deal.” – #49

“Just because you have a monopoly doesn’t mean you can treat your customers like trash; there’s always a rival just around the corner.” – #64

“Know your customer before they enter your store” – #55

“Letting customers tell you what to sell may be good, but the old proverb is just a lie”- #5

“Marketing is like a white lie, what you’re pushing is true but in short it’s not.” – #66

“Nothing is illegal, unless its something that attracts Division 9.” – #99

“Only give refunds if the client has a bigger gun than you.” – #64

“Power is infinite, wealth is infinite, therefore Wealth is Power.” – #81

“Quality is important, but most customers barely look for that. Customers want easy cheap goods.”
– #25

“Rissans that lie to the Trade Prince or Princess over profit aren’t a smart Rissan to begin with.”
– #1

“Sex sells, but only in the eyes of the beholder.” – #34

“Time respects the bold but chastises the stupid.” – #6

“Unless your illegal crime is gunrunning, Nobody likes a criminal.” – #360

“Victory goes to those who can buy their way to the top.” – #290

“War or Peace, It’s good for business.” – #410

“Xenophobia is bad for business. Especially if there’s a new client on the horizon.” – #450

“You can’t free a fish from water.” #244

“Zachariah resigns, it’s all over.” Unofficial Bola’Vettir Rule

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