Tuesday Mumbles: Pest Control

Written by TheChoujinVirus

Note: the following is based on my opinions on this matter. So don’t take it personal if you feel offended by this.

Good Tuesday everyone, It’s ya boy Choujin here.

With Covid-19 still goin’ on and having an interesting Easter sunday with my grams, I’ve found something that annoys the hell out of me that i’ve noticed while cleaning: the ever annoying issue of pests in the house and how despite you deal with them they won’t go away. I mean, it’s annoying as heck when I have to deal with those guys. Especially when they they’re the kind to freak the hell out of you.

One such thing that i’ve been dealing with in my garage were those nasty las cucarachas Americana (American Cockroaches) and how those little bastards will scurry away quickly and raid stuff like my dog’s food or under his bed. It annoys me like hell to see that shit. So to combat this, I’ve got myself some Motel de las cucarachas (Roach Motels) and bam! Ya boy nailed those suckers…or so I thought. Eventually I found more of those suckers were checking in those traps, but weren’t checking out. To me that’s good! that means the little suckers were being nailed, but for some reason there’s more or scarce. Though it’s good that it works, I may have to check for stuff like boxes and such as they act like sanctuary and food for those suckers! It’s annoying and disgusting to see them scurry and hide, and they’re the large american ones so the adults can fly (and ya boy is a man until they start flying). Though I’ve had to deal with more inconvenience and dangerous critters than just cockroaches.

Today, ya boy noticed wasps were building nests under his roof outside. Now, these little bastards are ones I avoid. Then again, repetitive stinging by them teach you a lesson that makes you go “no! no! Bee bring pain!” Lucky for me, a little thing called Raid can nail those wasp nests effectively, it’s usually trying to find them which is tricky as sometimes they may build nests in areas that are small enough and only able to spot them the second they start to get numerous. Meaning one female wasp can stealthily build a nest until she has enough daughters to make the nest bigger. This is what your boy finds annoying as new nests can pop up (and can be worse if there’s more than one queen that makes nest and you got double the trouble). I mean, sheesh, why don’t those little bastards get the point when their cousins die to a can of raid that maybe this house isn’t a viable option? It’s not like having to deal with some more clever buggers out there.

The last one I’m talking about happen to be mice, little furry bastards that can be a pain in the butt. Luckily I never got them in my house, but I’ve seen them in my grandmother’s backyard due to one of our neighbors having chickens (aka rodent magnets). Luckily, none got into her house and most were just dead bodies (killed by poison or neighborhood cats) but I’m the one having to pick up their dead bodies so they don’t rot. What makes them annoying is these things are crafty and speedy, meaning they’re not as dumb as bugs and learn. Not only that, but they breed and even the babies will grow fast enough and start scurrying about. It’s annoying as there’s not many pretty ways to getting rid of them especially with poison as they’ll slowly die…

Pest control isn’t easy and isn’t a sit and you’re done kind of thing. It’s more like a constant battle as you need to keep an eye that they don’t return back to cause more damage. Not only that, but you don’t want roaches or mice in your house as they become hard to eliminate. I feel more like my house is Helm’s Deep and the pests are the Orcs invading my place. Again, luckily none of that crap happens and i’m doing simple things to keep the critters out like keeping your place clean, not leaving food outside to attract said critters and preemptively eliminating nests. Just because i’m in quarantine, doesn’t mean those little bastards will take over.

This ya boy Choujin saying to have a good Tuesday and do be safe out there

No Mumbles Today

Heya, it’s ya boy, Choujin

No mumble’s today, since everybody’s already having to swallow enough negativity with Covid-19, but the good news is that Thursday and Friday will have some special things to perk up some special fun things for you all.

Until then, keep yourself safe and don’t forget to wash your hands

Sunday(was suppose to be Friday) Fan-Work

Note:Again, I apologize for the very late posting

Evening and Happy Sunday. It’s your boy, Choujin here.

Guess what? Another Chapter of Slayer of Foultongues! So If you want to catch up, you can either catch up from last week’s story or you can start all the way from the beginning.

Last time on Slayer of Foultongues….

An Acheronite recon team arrived at the small outpost Bit was in, investigating the cause of the missing patrol that our Kiralin killed. Finley and a small band of Terrans led a surprise attack on the Acheronite patrol with Bit killing the captain. Knowing that more will come, the town decided to pack up and flee to an abandoned mining station known as Smuggler’s Gorge. Meanwhile, the Achronite Priestess grew distressed and angered over news that a small group of humans caused enough issues with their forces. She ordered her commander, the Amazon named Orda, to squelch this resistance. After an ambush from the Acheronite air squadron while in Satan’s Badlands, the group managed to evade the group through a sandstorm. Though they suffered losses, the Terrans made it to Smuggler’s Gorge.

And now the Conclusion….

Slayer of Foultongues: Chapter 3

Written by TheChoujinVirus

The night on Bindi X brought out some much-needed peace and quiet for the time being. Bit volunteered for the night shift. The sounds of the wind blowing through the gorge calmly while there’s the sound of some people chattering and moving about. It wasn’t like the bar back at the small town the Kiralin first arrived to. He then blinked before turning toward the sound of someone walking toward him.

“Doin’ the night shift hm?” Said Finley “the night’s pretty quiet.”

Bit nods “It is..though I’ve seen some critters moving about here. I never expected Bindi X to have life.”

Finn laughed at Bit’s statement. It was a surprise to see an alien confused at the fauna of a world, especially on mining worlds.

“Oh then you’ve never seen a desert wolf or plague doctor.” Finley said “those things can surprise any tourist here. Especially plague doctors.”

The kiralin looked puzzled at Finley, “plague doctor? You mean like those old terran doctors during your dark age?”

“I wish,” Finley said “plague doctors are eight legged crustaceans that behave like parasites. They feed on electricity, and latch themselves to some critters here in order to feed off their ‘biolectricity’ or something. Hell, them eggheads say strange stuff. All I know is that these little bastards like to get themselves into machinery.”

“Thanks for the tip..I’ll have to watch for those ‘plague doctors’ “ Bit said.

Finley nodded quietly before offering his flask of alcohol for Bit. The Kiralin quietly turned down the offer, Finley simply just scoffed and replied “I thought you wouldn’t mind human drinks.”

Finley then walked away from Bit, finding the Kiralin wasn’t in the mood to drink. Bit simply went back his watch, staring out onto the sky to ensure no Acheronite ships were about. The night sky billowed like a blanket of twinkling stars, distant nebulas and everything that makes the boring night watch into a canvas. For Bit, it was something that made him feel a tad twang of homesickness.

Morning arrived, the stars in the sky vanishing as the sun rose. The liveliness of the convoy camp bustled to life as people gathered to pick up their morning rations, water and preparing what would be their everyday lives in a state of probable war. The Kiralin was taking some much-needed sleep after his night shift. However, he would be woken up by Maria as she tosses him his breakfast, which was a rectangle shaped bar of grain and powdered protein.

“Thanks,” He said to Maria

“No problem, the stuff’s not breakfast but it can hit the spot when needed,” Maria said

She sat adjacent to Bit, her lizard tail wagged like a puppy while she eating her breakfast. The Kiralin chuckled at the sight.

“Do you always wag when you’re happy like some terran canine?” He asked

An embarrassing blush crept on her face as her tail stopped wagging followed by her face turning into a scowl.

“No! And if you bring that up with Finley, I’ll shove a plague doctor down your pants,” replied Maria indignantly.

Bit simply cocked his right eyebrow in confusion, “Hey settle down, I wasn’t trying to be rude. I just never seen a lizard wag their tail.”

“Well I don’t and I only do that when I’m happy or nervous.”

The Kiralin just took a bite out of the breakfast bar as his eyes gaze over at Finley and two other terran townsfolk heading over toward a large congregation of other townsfolk. Whatever they were doing it attracted Bit’s curiosity. He got up from his spot and headed toward the group as Maria watched him.

“hey, where are you going?” she asked

Bit didn’t give a reply as he was more interested in what was going on than Maria’s question. She huffed angrily as she yelled back “If you tell Finley, your ass is plaster!”

The large congregation of people were made up of some of townsfolk that were discussing strategies on fighting the Acheronite occupation in New Austin.

“-around several of them,” One townsfolk said, “Unlike the recon group that attacked the town and our convoy, it seems to be where most of their forces are amassed besides the Mother Lode.”

The barkeep nods as he asks the person, “What about the rail network? Can’t we use them?”

The townsperson shook his head, “The main one is held at New Austin and it’s the only network that’s tied between there and Alamo base”

Bit arrived just when he heard the name of the base.
“Alamo base? What’s that place?”

“It’s the federation’s outpost that oversees law enforcement and security for Bindi X,” said the barkeep “When the Acheronites arrived, they ambushed the base after securing the Mother Lode.”

Finley, who was standing to the right of bit, looked at the barkeep upon hearing that news, “Goes to show how well the Federation really cares about their colonies.”

Finley’s statement was mixed as some agreed with his statement while others just looked at him angrily like he just said something sour to their ears.

“Either way we need to retake New Austin from those she-devils, Finley,” said the barkeep.

one of the female townsfolk spoke up, “How can we fight against them? We didn’t bring any weapons with us save for pistols and rifles, not enough to retake a town.”

“There’s a weapon locker we found that had some weapons in excellent condition.” Finley said

“Well Finley, that’s the first good news I’ve heard,” Said the barkeep. He then turned to the group, “Alright, we’ll need some volunteers for this plan to work.”

Finley rose his hand, “I’m in.”

Several others nodded and announced they wanted to be part of this attack. The rest turned toward Bit, wondering what their alien hero will say.

Bit stared at the group then said, “I’m already marked by the Acheronites for death and you guys might need someone to ensure you come back alive. I’m in as well.”

“Alright, now that we have the volunteers, we need to discuss the plan and what to do next…” The barkeep and the volunteers got together and began to discuss the next part of their plan. It would involve placing the volunteers into one of the convoy transports and take them into New Austin for a surprise attack on the Acheronites occupying the area. Bit brought up a good question, “So how do we get close? We got hit by the Acheronites the last time.”

“I know,” Finley replied “Those acheronites have air superiority, we’ll have to improvise our way against those fighters.”

“With what?” Bit asked

Finley showed two large shoulder mountable weapons, “why these of course.”

Bit looked at the weapons and asked Finley “What are these?”

“Pegasus Anti-Fighter rocket launchers”, Finley said “Only found two of these with limited rounds. I thought that pistol of yours could hit them like the APC.”

“I never could hit fast moving targets like a fighters,” Bit said.

Bit heard Finley laughing hard after he made that statement.

“hoo boy..you can’t hit a fighter?”

Bit remained quiet before the Barkeep yelled out, “Finley! Stop standing there! Get the weapons loaded on the convoys”.

Finley got to work before muttering about how it wasn’t allowed to poke fun at their Kiralin companion. He then turned to Bit and said “Don’t take that personal, Finley can be a bit of an ass when he finds someone’s flaws.”

Bit shrugged “He never had to shoot at something moving faster than he can track. Though I’m glad about the rocket launchers he found. They’ll come in handy against them.”

Bit then looked at the barkeep and realized he never asked his name, “Oh..I never got your name.”

“You can call me Murphy,” the barkeep said “It’s alright, usually wasn’t expecting us to go to war anyway.”

Bit chuckled at that statement, since the both of them had to agree on that statement. He then headed toward the convoys, lending his aid loading up supplies and weapons for the convoy. While he did that, Murphy began gathering more volunteers for their attack. Out the whole camp, a group of twenty were selected. One of the twenty people chosen happened to be Maria, as she didn’t want to sit at the camp with the rest of the town. Once the essentials were loaded, the twenty volunteers split up into two groups of ten and placed into each convoy, they departed Smuggler’s Gorge.


The 25th Acheronite Air Division were on a routine patrol of Satan’s Pass as they continue to look for the resistance that fled. They had no clue about Smuggler’s Gorge let alone their plan to take out New Austin.

One of the pilots requested a private channel with the squad leader,

“Shadow Two to Shadow Leader, Private channel set.”

“Private channel go ahead.”

“Are you sure we’ll find them here? We’ve checked for several hours and we found nothing of their base or where they’re rallying,” The pilot said

“Shadow Two, they could be hiding in some cave or desert hole. Terrans or not, they’re not much of a threat- Hold it.” She looked at her radar as she saw two blips on the radar.

“Shadow Leader to all members, seems we got movement on the pass. Remember to not engage the enemy until they fire back or if given the order.”

The first three fighters moved into formation as they began to get in closer. One of the convoy drivers notified the group via a commlink.

“heads up, the bugs are buzzing us.” One of the drivers said.

“Guess they’re scouting us.” Bit replied.

Then the radio sprung to life as they could hear the voice of the Acheronite squad leader, she sounded like someone who had some authority but also some veteran combat to it.

“Unknown convoy, this is Ulanja of the Shadow Wings, Identify yourselves.”

The convoy driver replied with a quick lie, “uh..Shadow Wing, this is Convoy Zero-Two-Two-Niner, we’re just transporting miners from Mining region Zero One to New Austin.”

Ulanja’s tone shifed to a puzzled look, “Uh… Convoy 0229, where were you taking the group to?”

“New Austin, for maintenance and supplies” repeated the Convoy driver.

One of the pilots began to active her fighter’s scanners in order to verify the claim of the pilot. They could detect people in the two convoys, but when it came to supplies, they only saw the crates holding up weapons. The radio silence was making some of the guys unnerved.

“This isn’t going to work…they’ll figure it out.” Finley stated to Bit

“It may be, Finley but the chance is worth it. If we can sneak right through them,” Bit said “Killing them in the open will just alert their friends that we’re coming.”

Eventually, the radio silence was broken by the Shadow Wing leader.

“Convoy 0229, you’re cleared for your transport, we’ll escort you to the designated loading and unloading. Deviation from this course will be met with force.”

Bit looked relieved as he turned to Finley, “see? It worked.”

“Though now we got them following us to New Austin. That’s not a good thing to have either way,” Finley rebutted.

Bit remained quiet while the convoy drivers did their job and drove, being led by one of the Acheronite fighters flying overhead to ensure there was no deviation.

       One of the pilots informed Ulanja via a private channel, informing the leader on something odd that she noticed.

“Shadow Five to Shadow Leader, remember that scan we did on them?” the pilot asked

“Yeah?” Udanja said

“well..besides the twenty workers, I’ve picked up some anomalies with the cargo.”

Ulanja looked puzzled, “Shadow Five, that’s the supply crates. They stated their purpose, and the scanners would have picked up anything off like weapons.”

The pilot then stated, “True, but the scanners stated no conclusive anything. No weapons, no cargo..it’s like they’re there but we cannot pick up what’s inside the crates.”

“sounds alarming,” Ulanja said “send request from New Austin for a scanning team, we’ll double check to make sure our radar isn’t being jammed or something in the air.”

“Our scanners have been having trouble with this planet for a while,” the pilot said. “The last squad accidentally hit a convoy that fled into a sandstorm..”

“I’ll inform our engineers about the issue, but it shouldn’t be a problem in the future,” Ulanja said.

Back down on the ground, One of the convoy pilots on a private channel began chatting with the group on their second part of the plan.

“Well theres some good news and bad. The good news is that our lie worked and they’re not shooting at us, the bad news is that they’ll find out about our attack unless we do something.”

“So what now? Comply and let them blow the surprise?” said Finley sarcastically.

Bit remained quiet as he noticed one of the weapon cache lids popped open, everyone turned around to notice what just happened. Maria, the lizard augment, managed to stow herself in the crate. Once she realized she was out of the box, she turned toward the group in the transport and replied sheepishly.

“uh..hey guys?”

Tuesday Mumble Special: Sudden Changes and Isolation

Written by TheChoujinVirus
Note: This is based on my own opinion. So don’t take this too personal if it hits too hard at home.

Hello, it’s ya boy, Choujin here.

Today’s one hell of a change, isn’t it? Classes are cancelled, some stores are closed, events are ground to a halt and some people are now either massively distanced or even locked in because of COVID-19.
It’s a pain in the ass for your boy, and for some people out there like in San Francisco where they’re all locked in. What can someone do with sudden changes? What can one do? Well, let ya boy give you some tips and advice.

First off, when it comes to life changes, sometimes its stuff that’s beyond one’s control. COVID-19 and the shutdowns its causing is something one can’t stop. However, there is ways youc an plan around this and thus minimize the outcome. For example, your boy’s college classes have been cancelled and moved online so i’m doing that online as well as my blog stuff. It’s a bit more flexible and thus easier to do my studying and work. For entertainment, that can be no problem as you have things like Netflix, Youtube, Disney+ or other streaming services to keep you entertained (Lucky for your boy he has some stuff to keep him entertained.) that stuff isn’t much of a worry but i’m sure there’s more things that can cause problems.

The more severe things are tied to work and school. With some schools closed, parents have to take care of their children. Some have to make some adjustments as their kids stay home while they have to go to work. Speaking of work, some places have shut down to avoid spreading the virus such as either total shutdown or working with a small crew. Ya boy’s grandmother told him that a local McDonald’s had a long drive-thru line as they closed their kitchen (and some places have done changes too). Best to avoid going out often and stock up on essentials (and not hoard like that one jerk who hoarded sanitizes).

The last thing that people may feel with this is hopelessness, but people need to know that this isn’t the end of the world and that by a few months, we’ll be back to normal. We’re not going to enter a societal collapse, but best listen to your medical experts and state government to know what’s going on. Other than that, all the best one can do is try and adjust with what you got.

So when it comes to what’s going on, it’s best to just try your best and not let the negativity get to you.
With that, ya boy wishes you all stay safe.
and don’t worry, this Corona Virus wont’ affect me posting my blogs, so stay tuned as we’ll ride this out together.

Friday Fan-Work

Happy Friday, it’s ya boy Choujin, the guy who writes, writes and never lets up.
Today’s another fan-work friday and now we’re sharing Chapter 2 of my Slayer of Foultongues story.
If you want to see the story, click here to see the last chapter .

Last time on Slayer of Foultongues…
Bit, A Kiralin wanderer, found himself on Bindi X due to an Acheronite Blockade. He intervenes to save Maria, a Lizard Augment from a band of Acheronites that were after her. However, the Acheronites sent small group of their troops to find out what happened to the group. Suddenly Finely and a group of terrans took this as a chance to attack the Acheronite group, leading Bit into a current situation.

And Now the Conclusion

Slayer of Foultongues: Chapter 2

Written by TheChoujinVirus

Bit ran to cover as the town erupted into chaos with Acheronites and townsfolk in an all-out war. The Kiralin firing shots at the acheronites from his cover, felling two attackers but missing the others as they took cover too. Maria was taking shots from the same shelter Bit was at as she fires with a rifle she picked up from one of the townsfolk killed in battle. Finley, still on the upper floor of a nearby building, used one of his grenades and threw it at a group of Acheronites hiding in an alleyway. Finley’s smirks as he watches that group flee the projectile all while getting picked off by Maria and her cohorts. Maria notices that Bit has stopped firing his gun.

 “Why did you stop firing now?” the lizard augment yelled, weapon fire making it hard for her to speak.

Bit replied back, yelling like Maria “I need to reload my gun and I’m looking for their leader.” He scanned the battlefield from behind his cover as he noticed the APC in the area. Positioned to where it was serving as a makeshift barrier for some of the soldiers while blocking off the road out of town.

Inside, the leader of the attack group was furious at the degrading situation as she told the soldiers “Gah! These blasted humans! How can one Kiralin embolden them so easily?!”
“We need to call for reinforcements,” one of the soldiers informed.
“Better yet, use this vehicle’s main weapon,” the leader stated.
They obeyed their order as they activated the APC’s cannon.

Meanwhile, back outside, Bit noticed the APC and asked Maria “What is that vehicle?”

“It’s a Terran Federation Armored Personnel Carrier, Bulldog class,” a townsperson said from an adjacent cover near Bit, “It’s armored to repel small arms fire and armed with a Gorgon class anti-barricade cannon.”

 “Armored huh?” Bit stated but was forced from his cover by Maria as the Acheronites fired the cannon. Their cover reduced to blown pieces of metal and stone, surprising the Kiralin gunman of what power that cannon has. He quickly ran for new cover as he turned to his gun.

“Piercing shot.”

The gun began to make some clicking noises as Bit started opening fire on the vehicle. Maria and another townsfolk saw the bullets punch a hole through the interior of the occupied APC. One of them felled, struck her in the head while the other crippled by a shot in the shoulder. The Leader quickly took control of the APC’s cannon as Bit aimed again. He fired again as the bullet left his gun in a brilliant flash, flying through the air like a silent angel of death and entering below the hinge of the Gorgon cannon before striking the leader through her neck. Her panicked motions caused one of her arms to brush up against the vehicle’s controls. The Acheronites using the vehicle as cover found that their cover was moving away from then then crashing into one of the buildings.

The remaining Acheronites were either routed or retreated to safety; Bit sighed as Maria looked at him with surprise and amusement.
“Damn, you took down an APC. Those things are heavily armored to hell, how did you make short work of it.”
“I’m just as surprised myself,” Bit explained “It shouldn’t have happened, but…even a cockroach can still die.
Finley, who was behind Bit and Maria, said to the two, “There’s no way that gun of yours could have done that…”

“It can,” Bit said

“Well, do you think they’ll learn of our uprising??” Maria asked.

“Probably,” Finley replied “Acheronites aren’t the kind to fold upon one fight”


News of this sudden uprising spread to the orbiting Acheronite Cruiser, the Vigilance. Orda, a tall and powerful class of Acheronite known as an Amazon, was on her way toward the quarters of their leader, the one overseeing the occupation of Bindi X. Her silver and bronze armor served as much as a badge of honor among the Acheronite Soldiers as they saluted or moved out of her way. She arrived at her destination: which was a large room resembling an exotic zen garden. An acheronite with large dragon-like wings, two sets of arms and dressed in a billowing robe would be meditating in this sanctuary.

“What do you have to report, Orda?” the robed acheronite looked at the Amazon at the entrance
 “Our troops retreated out of sector Ortega nine.” Orda reported.
“Is that possible? I thought we had control of the planet? How can we be having trouble?”
 “We’re enduring small pockets of resistance, but it shouldn’t be any-,” Orda said. The robed Acheronite then interrupts her.

“Small pockets?” the robed Acheronite said. “Orda, I gave specific orders for you to ensure the troops kept this planet under control.”

“Yes, Priestess, but-“
Orda saw the robed Acheronite stand up and heading toward her with fury and anger.

“How can we save them if we can’t control these…jii’alks!” The priestess fumed.

“We’re on it..but we believe they’ve been motivated…by a Kiralin” the Amazon explained, “They reported he took down three soldiers and was able to defeat Field Captain Esvesta….”

The Priestess looked at Orda with concern, “A Kiralin? Here? I thought they were staying out of our war with the Terrans?”

“It seems so, but…” Orda looked down.

“But what?”

“one of the soldiers reported that he had some unique firearm on him,” Orda stated.

“a gun?” The Priestess’s face grew confused “just one weapon?”

“yes, Priestess,” Orda stated.

She looked at her Amazon companion then headed toward the door out of the Zen Garden, “Inform my mother that we need more reinforcements, and call an old friend of mine…”
 “Yes, Priestess,” Orda said.

The amazon politely bowed before leaving the priestess alone. Said priestess began to rest her fingers under her jaw, pondering about as she wondered about the firearm. She only heard rumors, but this may confirm something her people wanted.

 Night crept upon the now battered town as the townsfolk began to rally at the sizeable local building most refer to the “Community Center.” The Center was filled to the brim as everyone started to contemplate about the inevitable.
“…you know they’ll be coming down here with greater numbers.”

“What do we do?”

“Should we run or fight?”
Bit quietly watched the whole ordeal unfold as the barkeep yelled: “SHUT UP!” Like obedient dogs, everyone turned and quietly listened to the barkeep.

“Now, I know what happened was something of a surprise. We managed to chase those Acheronites out of the area. However, we know that they won’t be beaten that easily. They will be back, with greater numbers. They’ll keep coming here until we’re overrun should we stay and fight”

“So what do we do?” Maria asked, “Where do we run or flee to?”

“We’ll head to Neo Austin,” Finley said. On cue, the group looked at the African American like he was crazy as hell.

“are you nuts?! That place is under total control by the Acheronites!” one person stated.

“You’re proposing we go marching into enemy lines and expect them to give mercy?”, a female townsperson yelled at Finn.

“It’s better than heading to the Mother Lode Quarry, where they have their best troops there. Also, we got our savior over there.”
Finley motioned to Bit, who remained quiet but stoic as he felt dragged into this conflict.

“Hey now! I’m no soldier,” Bit stated to the group “I was dragged into this conflict, alright! I’m not here for your rebellion or such.”

“What!? You’re going to leave us here!” Maria said shocked.

Finley looked at Bit and replied “You might not have been, but you killed their squad leader and pushed back their attackers. They won’t tolerate this little turn of events and will go out of their way to kill you.”

“and getting off-world is impossible thanks to their ships in orbit,” The barkeep said.

Bit hated to admit this, but Finley was right. He did kill three soldiers and took out their squad leader. He was more or less a dead man, but he would ask Finley a question “So what is your plan? It seems everyone’s terrified of Neo Austin.”

 “The Acheronites occupy it, but most of them are soldiers and their wet nurses. Nothing out of the ordinary in that area”, Finley stated.

“but what about the people? What are you going to do?” Bit asked.

“We’ll start a caravan,” Finley stated.

“A convoy?! We’ll be sitting ducks!” one villager said in fear.

“They’re right” Bit agreed “These people aren’t soldiers.”

The barkeep stepped up, “Why not Smuggler’s Gorge?”

“Smuggler’s Gorge?” Bit asked.

“It’s an area out of the way. Small enough that most people don’t know exists. It’ll be a perfect place for the civilians to hide.”

Bit was amazed that the people knew their planet, as he was just an alien (no pun intended) to this world.

“Smart girl,” Finley complimented “and I know some of the guys here who are willing to fight.”
 The group agreed as they looked at Finley then back at Bit over the situation on what to do next.

“So when do we move?” Bit asked Finley.

Finley cracked a smile at the Kiralin, “We started yesterday.”

Everyone began to start packing essentials aboard large vehicles resembling hover freight trucks. Civilians were quickly gathering their belongings, weapons, and essentials from whatever they can as several volunteers armed with firearms keep an eye out for the group to ensure the Acheronites weren’t arriving.

Bit watched, studying how these humans, despite all their odds, are helping each other. He heard stories as a child about the tale of early humans and how their “warlike nature.” To him, he was surprised about their communal nature in helping their own.
If it weren’t for the current situation, he would have asked Finley more about humanity more academically and casually. However, he turned toward Maria, who was getting her hover bike revved and ready with a question on his mind.

“Care to explain more about Smuggler’s Gorge?”, Bit asked.

“Just an old mining area,” Maria said, “when the mining colony was in the initial phases of setting up, Smuggler’s Gorge was the first mining area. Then when we discovered the Mother Lode, the place more or less became a place teens and the degenerate hang out.”

Bit listened and nodded quietly to Maria’s story; he never knew that a human teenager’s hangout spot would be survival for these people. Once the last of the supplies were packed, and the last person got on, the convoy left their small town. Should the Acheronites arrive at this area, they would only find a deserted ghost town devoid of life. By the next day, the convoy stopped in an arid cracked desert-like badlands nicknamed Satan’s Nook due to the harshness of the area. The drivers needed a break as well as the townsfolk, as they need to stretch, eat and tend other needs. Bit was with the heavily built African-American human on lookout duty. Both kept an eye out to ensure no Acheronite patrols found the convoy. As Bit was cleaning his weapon, Finley started a conversation with the Kiralin.

“In all my years here on Bindi X, I’ve never seen a weapon like yours,” Finley said, admiring Bit’s weapon, “What company manufactured it? Razzo Arms? Hugo? Kami-Tek?”

The Kiralin replied back, “It’s neither Rissan, Human or third party made. Manufactured back on the homeworld.” Bit then continued to show off his gun to Finley but keeping the gun safely in his hand as he continued to explain the gun.

“She’s a Mjolnir Magnum, a Class VI weapon by Division 9 standards. Multiple firing capabilities, the perfect all-around handgun for your Kiralin soldier. Also comes with a built-in security system that will burn a thief’s hand off should they steal it. Durable enough to withstand any abuse thrown at it.”

Finley looked dumbfounded at Bit’s description of his gun, “Shoot, what can’t that thing do? Make French fries?”
 “It can’t create complex explosives like bombs or grenades,” Bit stated, “but I heard that some third-party manufacturer had modified some makeshift mine dispenser for the gun.”
“Interesting,” Finley said. Their conversation had to end as the human noticed something on the horizon.
“Aw, crap!” Finley cursed, “looks like they’re on the move.”

Bit noticed as well, “We best get the caravan moving then.”

With that, the two of headed back to the caravan and notified the group. Some protested as they didn’t get the chance to relax enough.
“We have to go? But my kid needs to use the bathroom!”
“Some of us are still hungry!”

“Listen! Finley stated that the Acheronites are patrolling so we need to get moving!” the barkeep stated. He was more or less the head of the private caravan for the time being. With enough prodding, the convoy continued on its way to Smuggler’s Gorge.

The small Acheronite scouting force was scouting about the area, providing the recon against any resistance. One of them spotted the convoy on the horizon and reported to her superiors via commlink.

“Recon to 25th, enemy convoy detected,” she said.
 On cue, a group of 3 alien fighters with insect-like wings began flying over the recon squad and headed toward the convoy.
“Be advised, current status on enemy is unknown. Do not open fire unless needed”, said another pilot.

Bit, riding backseat on the hovercycle Maria was riding as one of the Acheronite fighters buzzed the convoy . Maria nearly caused the bike to tumble due to the shock while one of the drivers of the convoy also panicked.

“Shit! They found us!” he yelled on the radio. Bit looked up as the fighters turning back toward the convoy.

“25th to recon, confirm enemy convoy may have armed escorts.” The pilot said on the radio, “proceeding with attack run.”

 The fighters opened fire and took out one of the convoy vehicles, flying debris smashing into another one as Finley’s voice is heard on the raido.
“Damnit! We don’t have any means of killing their air superiority! Bit, find a way of fixing the issue.”
“Can’t do that” The Kiralin replied, “The Magnum’s not equipped to deal with moving armored targets.”

“Great, we’re sitting ducks out here!”

The lizard augment noticed a raging sandstorm in the distance, “Hey! Let’s head in there.”

“Are you crazy? That sandstorm will flay us alive,” Bit said in concern.
“That’s the point,” Maria reassured, “Those Acheronites would be crazy enough to try it.”

The convoy made a B-line right into the sandstorm, all while the three fighters picked off another convoy transport. Once they got inside, the fighters had no choice but to back out and retreat. Inside the sandstorm, Bit felt the sheer winds whipping his face hard. He has never had to deal with sandstorms, especially ones on Bindi X.

“Any convoys lost?” Finley asked on the radio.

“we lost three to them..” The Barkeep said, “One of the convoys had children.”

“Damnit! Are we near Smuggler’s Gorge?” Finley asked.

“Should be a good mile and a half until we get there,” said the barkeep, “Once there, we shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.”
Bit overheard the conversation the best he could and realized that they were not expecting that level of an ambush.

 Eventually, they would arrive at an old, abandoned mining quarry. Bit looked around as the convoys began to unload the survivors and supplies. Everyone was doing a headcount of who was here, and some were giving condolences to those lost. Bit was curious at what was going on as he asked Maria.
“You humans are an odd lot. I’ve never understood why you would risk everything to resettle here, especially after what just happened.”

“We have something aliens like the Acheronites don’t have or understand: The Human Will to fight,” Maria boasted before snorting in laughter, “That’s what Finley would say, but I’m as clueless as you are.”

Bit remained quiet as Maria headed out to help unload the supplies. All he did was look up to the sky, ensuring the Acheronites didn’t follow them.
“Air Support….shit.,” he said to himself “It’ll be difficult to deal with them


Back at Satan’s Nook, the scout force that intercepted the area began to inspect the wreckage of the convoy. The lot of them mortified at their discovery.

“Children?! There were Children here?!” an Acheronite scout growled.

“The reports claimed the same forces from quadrant Ortega. The Pilots reported that this was a military convoy before they retreated into the sandstorm,” the second scout explained.

“Orda’s getting blind if we’re shooting children,” The first scout angrily stated “I want to know who ordered the attack?!”

“I agree, but I feel that our priestess is becoming weird and obsessed as of late. As though she’s becoming mad,” The other scout spoke, “Her madness is not going well with troop morale or order-“

Her partner hushed her “shhh! What would Orda or our superiors hear you?! They won’t tolerate this.”

The second scout sighed as she started to feel this was becoming more than just an occupation.


Nighttime crept up to Smuggler’s Gorge, as the remaining survivors managed to set up for the time being. The Civilians were either doing some basic drills or chatting with each other. Finley headed to Maria with a flask of alcohol.

“Here,” he offered Maria, “I’m sure you need it.”
Maria, too young to drink alcohol, decided it was the only time she could get the chance. Taking a quick swig, she nearly spat out the alcohol.

“Gah! This drink tastes like piss!” she complained to Finley
“Welcome to the world of alcohol, missy,” Finley replied, “Though I thought you augments had a stronger taste.”

“I’m part lizard you black douchebag! My taste buds are much more sensitive than others,” Maria replied, “It’s like snorting beer up your nows.”

“Well then, sorry princess,” Finley apologized before heading back toward a different group. Bit was watching the whole thing as he asked Maria.

“Not a beer drinker?”

“I don’t mind beer, just Finley’s shit tastes like piss,” Maria replied

“I see…” Bit stated.
“Why? Do they have beer in your world?” Maria asked

“on Alderyr? Never really did drink the stuff, I assumed all earthborn love to drink it,” Bit explained
“Hey! I’m no earthborn augment, got it?” Maria scolded Bit “I’m a Frontier born girl, not a Federation one.”
Bit only smirked, “I can see why the barkeep keeps your attitude in check.”

“Yeah well…sometimes I got a mouth, and the old guys gotta keep me from snapping off at people. We’re at war with the Acheronites; we got a Kiralin who happens to arrive on Bindi X while the Federation fleet is probably fighting near the border of Federation Space. Of course, I have to have that stubborn attitude. ”

“Sounds harsh,” Bit interjected
“Hey, we’re on our own here. Until we can retake our home, we’re stuck with what we got,” Maria replied back. “That’s what we have.”

“we?” Bit looked puzzled
“us! Humanity! We have a never give up attitude that got us out of 3 world wars, several conflicts, colonization and outright survival. We never say die, and we never stop,” Maria continued.

Bit nodded as he then began to ask several questions about humans as a whole and what they did. Not all Kiralins learned about human history and how it led to the rise of the Terran Federation. It was a respite for the time being for another event to happen.

Thursday Media Review: The Division 2: Warlords of New York

Written by TheChoujinVirus
Note: The review contains spoilers for the game, so if you don’t want to get spoiled, skip this article.

Happy Thursday everyone, it’s your boy Choujin here.

March is a good day for gaming. With Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons coming in 2 weeks, it’s something everyone’s anticipating. However, other games, too, have anticipated releases in March as well. One of which is the expansion to Ubisoft’s game Division 2 that was released yesterday (though was released on the 2nd of March). The expansion is known as The Division 2: Warlords of New York (I know an odd title that makes me feel like it’s something from a bad World of Warcraft expansion). However, the game has some aspects of it that make it charming and brings us back to the location of the first Division game: New York City. So how does the expansion bring to the month of March? Here’s my review of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2: Warlords of New York.

Summary of the Plot (Spoiler alert for The Division and parts of The Division 2)

The story takes place in an alternate 2015/2016 in which an eco-terrorist attack on Black Friday brings the U.S. to its knees is unleashed. This virus known as the Green Virus (or Dollar Flu) causes a massive Pandemic all over the United States. The U.S. Government not only sets up their offices to maintain order the best they can, but they also activate their sleeper agent group called The Division. They serve as the last line of defense in dire situations in a collapsed society. In the Division 2, you play as a Division agent nicknamed “The Sherriff” as he/she heads to Washington D.C. when the SHD Network goes down (The network vital for powering the Division’s arsenal of equipment and communication with other agents). Throughout the game, the Sherriff is tasked with returning the SHD network online as well as dealing with several factions within D.C. Such as the sadistic Hyenas, the vengeful Outcasts, The militaristic True Sons and the high-tech militaristic Black Tusks. Warlords of New York has the Sheriff being sent to New York City after they discover that the Division’s main enemy (and the original antagonist in the first game) Arron Keener has unleashed his attack on The Division in New York, undoing a lot of the work from the first game. It’s now up to the Sherriff to find Keener and stop him before he unleashes a new viral strain worse than the Dollar Flu as well as uncover a deep plot involving Rogue Division Agents that go as far as with some older guards.


Warlords of New York is similar gameplay-wise to vanilla Division 2 though it does add some unique gameplay mechanics to the game. One such change is introducing a Fog of War to New York. As you explore the districts of New York City, parts of the map become exposed that show new areas, events, control points, and SHD Caches. Another change is the mission Progression system, which adds an interesting change. Unlike the Division 2, in which you progress through specific areas and leading up to the fight at an enemy stronghold, Warlords of New York have you going on a manhunt against Keener and to do that you must hunt down Keener’s guards: Four major Rogue Division Agents who have managed to manipulate the original factions of the first game: The Cleaners and the Rikers. For those unaware, the Cleaners and Rikers were two factions from the First Division game. To find the rogue agents, you have to head to specific areas on the map that are hinted as big yellow circles, thanks to the Fog-of-War. Solving each progresses the story against one of the four Rogue agents, and by completing it increases your progress in finding Keener.  After going through several areas and defeating Keener’s four agents, you now get your chance at fighting Agent Keener on Liberty Island and a strong presence of Black Tusk. Though throughout the game, there are mini-events like rescuing hostages, territory control, and breaking propaganda machines. To make the game easier, besides acquiring loot like guns and armor, your agent has access to several “specializations” that give them new tools to use besides their usual arsenal of portable gun turrets, drones, and roller bombs. Classes like the Gunner lets you wield a Minigun to mow enemies down to the Survivalist that lets you use a crossbow to shoot them with explosive arrows and fire. Though the game does introduce a new class (The last being the Technician class) called the Firewall. This class lets you use a flamethrower to set fire to enemies directly.

SHD’s Strength: What makes Warlords of New York Good

Warlords of New York brings some new faces (or old returns for those who have played the first Division) as you fight the factions like the Rikers, Cleaners, and Rioters that do have their own unique quirks compared to Vanilla Division 2’s Hyenas, Outcasts and True Patriots. Another positive thing the expansion adds is some interesting boss fights that do add some unique fights that add to their lore. One such fight I liked was against Theo Parnell, one of Keener’s rogue agents. His boss fight’s a digital version of whack-a-mole where he uses holograms to hide while you have to figure out which is the real Parnell. Another I liked was the fight against Javier Kajika and having to deal with his shock traps and having to move from one spot to another as steam starts to obstruct your vision. The last fight I liked was the final battle between you and Arron Keener. In the final battle, you’re not fighting Keener and an army of troops: It’s just you and him, agent vs. agent with just your tech against Arron’s. It makes it feel like a final battle. The Fog of War aspect of the Division 2 does encourage exploring the area for every nook and cranny. The last thing I like about the Division 2 is always the lore and how It references back to the First Division game with some character callbacks, areas, factions and such. It does have you wonder a bit more about the lore of the first game while playing Warlords of New York. Lastly, the detail of New York is stunning as they show what it looks like after a societal collapse would look like. Seeing streets turned into swamps, crumbled main buildings and areas become enemy strongholds, and even seeing Liberty Island become the spot of a final battle is stunning.

 Agent Needs Assistance: what Warlords of New York lack

The game does have some good things in the game, there are some problems I found while playing the game. One example is how, after defeating the rogue agents, you only get information on Keemer and nothing much besides that. Sure they give a hint about taking over the Oil Tanker after killing Vivian Conley or destroying a giant drill when fighting Kajika. One annoyance was that besides those two, you barely saw any changes besides that. Like after killing Theo Parnell, enemies I fought still used some drones. I felt that killing a guy who was a drone specialist would somehow deliver a blow against the enemy, but it didn’t feel like I took out that threat. Another thing I did like was the challenge, but I felt that some of the enemies were annoying as hell. It’s true that The Division 2 does require some strategy to fight enemies, but some of the new enemies can feel less of a challenge and a bit annoying. One such is the Cleaners faction, which loves to use flamethrowers (particularly their default attack units and Tank class). It can be hairpulling having to avoid getting a flamethrower facial or getting your eyes blasted by the Riker shield tanks. Unfortunately, the mini-events in New York don’t seem to be any different than before the expansion. It’s a shame as it would be nice to see something new other than opening caches from enemy territories, saving hostages or taking control points. Perhaps it would be nice to see something different, but that feels like a nitpick on my half.

Hidden SHD Cache: Cool little secret

One little thing I noticed when playing Warlords of New York was that in Haven, there’s an area where I found an NPC puppy there. I found out that I could actually have my character pet this puppy. I found out this was a callback to some Division 2 fans who wanted to pet the NPC feral dogs seen wandering around D.C. (as the sad part is you can shoot them but not pet them). It’s a nice thing to add and something cute in between fighting ex-Convicts, rogue agents, and Sanitation workers with flamethrowers.

Do you trust The Division? (My conclusion)

In conclusion to my review of the game, It’s a great game that gives fans of the first Division game some memories of their first foray into New York and gives us a stunning story. I forgot to mention that after beating the game and finding that the Rogue Agents continue beyond Keener, there’s a new endgame in seasons in which you have a new cast of Rogue Division agents to fight (though they won’t be live until the 9th of March). If you want my opinion, your boy would say that Warlords of New York adds some new content into The Division 2 and gives a stunning closure to one of the major villains in the series.


Tuesday Mumbles: Coronavirus Fearmongering

written by TheChoujinVirus
Note: what you’re going to read is based on opinions, so don’t take it too personally if it hits too close to home. It may be frustrating, but it’s something that gets under my skin.

Heya, happy Tuesday. It’s your boy, Choujin. Talk about one hell of a week. A couple of days ago, I got a notification from my community college that their school district reported that four students have come down with the Corona virus. (Luckily it was related to their job and not due to travel or random exposure) and to top that off, you have the news discussing various reports of how the Corona virus and whether or not the various ideas and conspiracy theories that have become rampant because of this news. Now, your boy remembered when we heard of stuff about the SARS Virus or Avian Bird Flu. Some people either do two things in these situations: They either treat this like some herald of the end of the world, treat it like a hoax or think it’s some bio-weapon. Now, I’m sure a lot of you are already sick and tired of hearing more about the Corona Virus, but your boy does empathize with your annoyance. Let me explain this to help narrow this stuff down for some of you that are; there’s been a lot of chatter about the Corona Virus, a virus that emerged from Wuhan, China, and has several confirmed reports in the US with one confirmed death in Washington State. It’s annoying in this day of age of fake news, fear-mongering, and just outright propaganda.

  One problem is that you got several people that are claiming that this virus is some bio-engineered weapon the Chinese (or America) created for some nefarious purpose to do something like undermining the US President. Now, this is more just annoying and silly as people seem to think that the Corona virus is like the Dollar Flu from The Division. With today’s internet and people’s distrust of the media, it makes crap like this more believable when folks ignore and trust said sources. I mean, as the CDC and World Health Organization mentioned, The Corona virus was something that originated from Wuhan and was traced to a butcher. Not from some laboratory in Wuhan that it was “created”. We can also agree it’s not some divine plague designed by a higher being to purge sinners. Viruses like the Corona Virus wouldn’t really be an effective virus for some killing. I mean, the Common Cold is proven to have claimed more than the Corona virus has, though this is where we get to another part that’s just as bad as pushing the bio-weapon crap.

Some are claiming that the virus is a hoax and, like the original conspiracy, designed to sabotage the economic market and the US President. In short, they are talking about how the virus isn’t such a big deal, and folks should outright ignore it. Now, as I mentioned and what the CDC has mentioned, it’s true mortality rates are low, but it doesn’t mean the Corona virus isn’t much of a threat. The reported death (including the one in Washington state) was reported to have some prior health issues. Also, like the cold, young kids and adults are vulnerable to any new disease. So in a way, yes, it’s dangerous, but it’s not something that would lead to some doomsday scenario that’ll reduce us to some dark age. So what does this mean? Then let your boy explain this.

It annoys me how these two extremes have led to people not knowing the real nature of the Corona Virus and believe the sources without better understanding more about the virus. One such thing someone should do is maybe look at sources like the CDC (here) or the World Health Organization (here) to get a better grasp of what the Corona virus is. They have a bit more explanation on this than your boy here.  If you do have yourself coughing, hacking, and not feeling well? Make sure you stay at home and self-observe yourself for any changes. See a doctor if you do have some serious complications during your cold, such as trouble breathing. If you’re not sick, make sure you cover your coughs and sneezes. Wash your hands and keep yourself in good health. Oh, and make sure you don’t listen to any bull crap artists that either claims the virus is some doomsday virus, bio-weapon, or a hoax. To quote Pokemon’s Guzma about the conspiracy pushers:

Other than that, that’s my rant on this corona virus stuff. Remember, I’d suggest you look up at the CDC and WHO websites in order to get a better grasp as they know more about this than I do. Ya, boy’s only a blogger, not a doctor. Until then, be safe out there and be careful.